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At the Beach House!

Marilyn and I made it to the beach house around 10:30p.m. Unfortunately, poor Colin threw up on the way here. He tends to be car sick, and driving at night bothers him.

Sister Sue and her two granddaughters (Nicole and Mady) were here waiting for us when we arrived. It's pretty hot in the house, but we've got windows open and our baby fans going, and there's some cool air coming in.

I'm quickly blogging, because we want to run to the store for a few things.

Marilyn vacuumed the family room before we left the house, and I took the recycling out (for pickup tomorrow), and cleaned the cat boxes. We even did some laundry before packing for our trip.

We spent HOURS today on our project to organize photos on our iPads. It's too complicated to explain, but I'm really proud of us for sticking with this project. Marilyn did an amazing job!!!

Anyway, dashing off to the store. I'll blog more later.

Tags: 2014, beach-house, cats, cleaning, colin-and-henry, colin-sick, garbage-and-recycling, ipad, july-2014, madyson, marilyn, nicole, photos, sister-sue

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