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Organizing Photos on Our iPads

The weather was better today, but still pretty warm. We didn't run the a/c all day long, but most of the day. Again, we know we're blessed to have air conditioning when so many others do not. (It's always good to count your blessings, and Marilyn and I do that every single day.)

Today we both set ourselves a HUGE task, organizing a bunch of the photos on our iPads. We spent hours and hours on this, and are both pretty obsessed with doing more of it.

I also did a load of dishes last night, and took out piles of garbage and recycling. We got kitty litter today, so I can clean the cat boxes tomorrow. And we're taking some to the beach house (Safeway doesn't carry our brand).

Watched a bunch of old TV shows while doing our iPad task. "Bonanza," "Emergency," "The Mod Squad," and on and on. Fun, fun!

Sister Sue is coming down for the Fourth, and I guess Nicole is bringing a girlfriend down. (Nicole and her friend can stay in my room. It's a big room, and they should be able to share my queen bed. I'll sleep in with Marilyn, who has a king bed.) anyway, we should have a lot of fun!

I still need to color my hair before bed. Yeah, I've been putting it off all day long, as usual! But I really need to do it.

Summer and vacation really rock! (grin)

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