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Hot Day of Errands

Sad day at Wimbledon -- both Rafa Nadal and Maria Sharapova went out today (!!!).

Before I go into the rest of our day, I want to mention that Marilyn and I watched the WONDERFUL 2012 movie "Quartet." We both LOVED this film so much, and highly recommend it. The cast is mostly seniors, who are just delightful people. I don't want to give away much -- and you might want to watch it without knowing too much (so perhaps you should avoid the above link). We had planned to watch it again tonight, but forgot -- but can't wait to see it a second time.

As for our 'day of errands,' we got FIVE (!!!) things crossed off list today. Yes, we're very proud! (grin)

We went to pick up prescriptions at Riteaid.

We dropped by the office and did a few things. The office was almost EMPTY! We got to say goodbye to Hannah and talk to Rich. They were the only ones there! (How odd.)

We picked up my new glasses (I had them fitted while there).

We went over for Marilyn to make a delivery to the Rose Quarter. (Her good friend Kathy is leaving the Rose Quarter. They've worked together 21 years!)

And we stopped at Freddies to do a little bit of shopping we didn't get done at Walmart last night. (Stupid me! I forgot to get kitty litter for this week!)

We had a cold beer with dinner tonight. Then we took naps in the evening. Feeling VERY BLESSED to have air conditioning today! The high in Portland was 99 today!

People are already shooting off fireworks! The noise was awful tonight.

All in all we got a lot done today (even if I didn't get my hair colored).

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