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Manicures and Shopping...

The very GOOD news today is that Marilyn is feeling better! (woo hoo) I'm so glad. I hate for her to be sick while on vacation.

We went and got our manicures today, which we really needed! I did the SAME blue I did last time, and Marilyn did a very dark blue -- with fireworks on two fingers! (How cool is that???) I loved the color last time so much that I repeated. I hardly ever do that. (We got fills, for the record.)

After that we stopped and got some Mexican takeout to eat at home. Then we came home and watched some tennis (Wimbledon is on!). And had naps. I read a new book that I just started (that is NOT the one I was talking about yesterday). Always a good sign when I'm reading several books at one time. (grin)

This evening we finally went to Walmart to shop -- we needed to, because we were OUT of everything! We needed groceries, cat food and supplements, to name a few items. We got a couple of cases of bottled water and some pop. And we both got some shorts, too. (Clothes are cheap at Walmart.) It's supposed to be in the 90's tomorrow (!!!), so I figure we'll be wearing them then!

We've been playing one of our favorite iPad games together yesterday and today. We find it mentally stimulating, but also a lot of fun.

Glad we decided to wait to go to the beach until later in the week! It's supposed to be in the 80's at the beach tomorrow -- and that's uncomfortably HOT for our beach house, where we don't have air conditioning and only use a couple of VERY SMALL fans to cool things down. We could use ceiling fans there, at the very least. But there's a problem with the beams in the ceiling and what they'll be able to support... I think we probably need to buy a few larger fans.

It's been some time since we had to deal with that here at the Portland house! We're both really glad we decided to get air conditioning put in when we replaced our furnace (way back in December 2006). What a great decision! I remember very well when we could hardly stand to be upstairs during hot weather, even with the in-window air conditioners we had for the office and kitchen. The living room used to be a nightmare in hot weather, because of all the windows in there. In fact, we've got a lot of windows all through the upstairs...

But we've spent a lifetime dealing with the heat! When we still lived with Mom and Dad, we didn't get an air conditioner for our upstairs den until we got our first computer (because it needed to be kept from overheating!). We used to 'camp' in the back yard when it was really hot, so I could get enough sleep to get up and go to work at Lipman's, way back in the day! That house had no insulation, so it got terribly hot in the summer.

Anyway, we're blessed by the air conditioning, no doubt about it! And we never forget that for a moment when things get hot.

Today was a perfect summer day, with the temperature around 80 and clear, blue skies. Ideal weather, actually. And that was the first real day of vacation!

We both need to go into the office for a bit tomorrow -- but we don't mind! To make up for things we'd hoped to get done on Friday.

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