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Napping, Reading, Sleeping...

Marilyn still isn't feeling well, poor thing. Again, little wonder she got sick, though! Hopefully she'll feel much better soon.

I stayed up almost all night last night. I was watching reruns of "I Love Lucy" into the wee hours (5:00 a.m.-ish, I think). Sort of fun, really. We both love staying up at night during vacation...

Reading two new books. One is rather interesting, a fictional account about King Hezekiah, who was the 13th King of Judah. So far it's been an entertaining read, anyway. Right now any book pales by comparison to the David Morrell book I just finished, though! What a great read! I often feel a bit sad when finishing up a book I love reading, and that's certainly true right now.

I think I want to get David's book on writing. I have a feeling I'd really enjoy it. Total aside...

So we spent a lot of time sleeping on and off today. Marilyn clearly needs the rest (and especially now that she's sick). And I love curling up with a good book and letting it put me to sleep.

Plus we're both doing our Edits for Instagram, that we enjoy so much. It's a GREAT outlet for our artistic sides.

We're out of EVERYTHING in the house right now, and really need to go SHOPPING. No bread, peanut butter, paper towels, cat food (is low), hominy, green beans, bottled water (is low), bacon and on and on. But being out of pop is really bad!

I can't think of much else. We've been watching a lot of tennis recently (Wimbledon). But today there was no play. We did see a great thing they did on Andy Murray, plus they were showing stuff that had already happened. So we watched some of it...

Anyway, we're hanging in there. We have REALLY HOT weather coming up this week. We're planning to head to the beach house where we don't have air conditioning, so that doesn't sound very comfortable! I guess we'll see...

We both washed our hair tonight (a good thing!).

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