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Marilyn Home Sick

Marilyn had very much planned to go to work today, but she was just too miserable. So we were both home.

Donn had to tackle the situation with the many monitors today without me. He cleaned them and swapped a bunch out.

He said he might be able to swap some of the Benq monitors for another computer. That doesn't make up for the FIVE computers we lost, but at least it gives us a spare, thankfully.

Marilyn and I did what we always do when one (or both) of us is sick: We watched a bunch of TV and laid around resting, playing on our iPads and napping. I'm very sorry Marilyn is sick. But the day was okay.

Little wonder she got sick. She's continued to be really busy at work, even with the festival over. People just end up worn done after the season ends. It's easy to get sick.

As for me, my ears felt better today. Not quite normal, but not painful, at least.

We've been catching up on "Jeopardy," as we've been quite behind.

I finished my book (that I mentioned yesterday). What a wonderful read! David Morrell is a fine writer.

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