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First off, it appears Marilyn is sick with a cold, poor thing! She woke up feeling bad, but had to go in to work, anyway. She had considered coming home early, but had so much to she stuck it out. It's amazing, what she's made of. She's snoozing on the sofa right now.

Sister Sue is off to another cribbage tournament this weekend in Madras, Oregon. (She left this morning.)

Nadal, Tsonga and Sharapova won at Wimbledon today. (Can't believe this is my first mention of Wimbledon for 2014!) Yes, I was pulling for all three.

Stupid iPad Moments: It can take time to get used to the RIDICULOUS way the iPad handles text. SO STUPID! Here's one tiny error of many -- text is lowercase after the closed parentheses, which is frequently wrong. I guss the iPad always assumes this appears inside a sentence. Really?

Took a full (!!!) Meclizine today, and did sleep a bit. My ears have been feeling stuffed up (I know, that implies the nose). Anyway, my ears do feel better, at least (if not perfect).

I'm reading the David Morrell book, "Murder as a Fine Art." I'm getting close to the end, now (I've read 87% of the book).

It's an amazing book! What a great story! De Quincey is such a wonderful, fascinating character. And I love his daughter, Emily, too.

David really did his research. I highly recommend this book. I'll be sad to finish it, I'm enjoying it so much. I love the little historical pieces, such as the mention of the invention of matches. Such a delight.

Domestic moments: Did a load of dishes today. And washed my blanket (that I brought home from the beach). Still need to do the garbage and recycling, though...

Should go in to the office tomorrow, but this will depend on Marilyn (and if she's up to going in).

It's hard for Marilyn to miss work when she's getting ready to be out for vacation -- she always has so much to do.

Oh! Watching old episodes of "American Ninja Warrior." Marilyn and I love this show so much!!!

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