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The Events Retreat Went Great!

Marilyn and I did get away just fine Tuesday night, and took the 'quick' ride to Seaside. We normally don't take that direction, because it's just wouldn't be good for the cats. But with them staying home, we decided to go that way, so we made it faster than usual. There was some 'bridge work' on the way there, but it didn't delay us for long.

The house was warm, which is one of our issues with staying there in the summer. But we opened windows upstairs and down and use the little window fans and got it cool enough to be comfortable (if not ideal).

I think Steven got there around 10:00 p.m. (as I recall). He ended up being the only one who stayed over! That was fine -- Marilyn, Steven and I had a long chat Tuesday night, and didn't head to bed until around 1:00 a.m.

I slept okay, but woke early (around 5:30 a.m.). With my window open, it's quite NOISY first thing in the morning! All the traffic going by on the street that you don't really hear in the back of the house. That was okay, though. I dozed on and off after that. I got up several times to 'check' on Marilyn and see if she was awake. She had the tennis on her bedroom TV and was snoozing away each time.

I had a weird thing happen in my room. Normally I sleep with my door open. But because of Steven being there, I closed my door tight. When I woke in the morning, I noticed an 'odd' smell. Not horrible or anything, but just 'off.' I finally realized it was coming from Mitch's rackets. They had been in the trunk of his car when he died. Everything in the house -- including in the garage and car -- was exposed to the odor of his death. I've been keeping them in the corner of my bedroom. (I've never noticed this smell before now, even though I've kept the rackets there for some time.) Yes, that sounds really disgusting and gross. But to be honest, it's not. I have a hunch this smell just isn't as bad as I've read about when researching it. I'd describe it as sort of soapy and spicy. But I had to get up and move his rackets to the garage. The smell was also on a blanket that I had in a basket near the rackets, so I took that blanket and put it inside one of those scented plastic bags and shut it away. (I did end up bringing it home so I can wash it.)

Back when Mitch died and I went inside his home, the smell was one of the things that was pretty upsetting. I couldn't have described it very well at the time, because Taylor did some things to 'cover up' the odor that made it much worse (at least for me). But a few of the items I brought home did have the smell I've described here. In some cases washing things took care of it. In other cases, I was able to air things out. I guess I didn't notice the smell on the rackets, or I'd have tried to get rid of it. NO, it's not terrible. But I relate it to his death and to our loss, so I'd love NOT to have to smell it again. So, as Marilyn said when I told her, I might have to get rid of the rackets if I can't get rid of the smell. I guess time will tell...

Sorry that the above (about the rackets) took up so much space. I just felt I wanted to mention it...

We all got up and headed to Pig 'n Pancake for breakfast around 8:00 (Marilyn, Steven and me). While we were there, Rich came in, so he joined us. We'd all pretty much finished up eating, but we had more coffee and all chatted while Rich got food and ate.

We got back to the house just as everyone else arrived -- talk about timing! So we all settled into the living room. We were a total of eleven (a few people were unable to attend). So we didn't even need extra chairs at all! It was Rich, Marilyn, Danielle, Tiffany, Carol and Ashley on the couch. Then Steven in the chair in the corner. Christine brought over a dining room chair and sat in front of the TV. And Megan and Andy (Amandine) sat on the floor with their backs against our big ottoman. I was in my chair, which make a circle.

Marilyn got things rolling, and we did a wonderful exercise that just went so well! We talked about a mistake we each made during the festival, and how we dealt with it. Every single person there shared something, and it was really wonderful! We laughed and there were some tears and it was even better than we hoped it would be. I'm pleased to say that Marilyn got the idea from me, based on a book I'm reading. I shared that with her and she decided to give it a try. Really just the ticket!

Then we took a big group photo (I took it, so I'm not in it). And I sent one version to Marissa so she could Facebook it.

After that we headed into Seaside to have lunch. We ate pizza (and Rich and I had salad), and drank soda and beer. While there, Tiffany told us that she's expecting!

Unfortunately, I had a reaction to my salad (and maybe the small amount of beer I drank). Sometimes I just can't eat salad -- lettuce can really make me ill from time to time. People were all heading out for various activities at that point, but Rich drove me back to the house so I could lie down.

Members of the group got to play Fascination, mess around in the arcade and go down to walk on the beach and have ice cream. (According to Marilyn.) I hope they had a great time.

I did get to give a bunch of 'tours' of the house, by the way -- and everybody said wonderful things about our beach home! (I'm just sorry Marilyn missed hearing that first hand.)

Late afternoon I woke and Marilyn and I packed up to head home. By then everybody else had already left, wanting to beat traffic.

We didn't have rain until we were almost home, by the way. We'd been expecting rain all day long, but actually ended up with nice weather for our little getaway event!

I was sorry I got sick (just haven't felt that great the last couple of days), but it wasn't a big deal. At least I was fine until time to all go 'play.'

We did have one stretch of being held up coming home from more road work (we went the usual way heading home). But it was no big deal. We were here just before 8:00, and happy to see our cats!

Anyway, two more days until Marilyn and I go on vacation! (woo hoo) Looking forward to it!

I'm forgetting things, but it was a big day, so that's no surprise. Anyway, these overnight trips to the beach are really NICE. We want to do more of them! And can't wait to get back down there again with the cats...

Good night all! Sweet dreams!

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