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Bad Day. Not Every Minute, But Still...

I'm a person who really doesn't believe in bad days, in that even a really bad day can have good moments. So, in spite of this being a bad day, there were some good things going on...

My day started at 7:01, right after I got up. Marilyn was just leaving the house for work at that point.

My entire day was full of IT issues. In the case of our Auction software, I spoke THREE TIMES with the support line (three different people), in order to be sure about the instructions I was viewing. This was one of those cases where I happen to know MORE about their product than they do (in spite of the fact that the final person I spoke to -- an American woman -- spoke down to me the entire time we talked). They probably don't work with that many small business networks. I'm guessing they either work with a bunch of home networks, or that most clients aren't on a server at all.

During the course of time we've been having auctions -- and dealing with this company -- we've poured a ton of money into the CONSTANT upgrades they make for their software. First, they ALWAYS (without fail) upgrade annually. Who really needs to upgrade their product every single damn year? And in some cases, they upgrade more than once a year. It's a real pain, I have to tell you.

It didn't matter back when we did our own on-site IT -- hauling computers and printers to the auction venue. But once we started using an auction company, we had no choice but to do the required upgrades. Otherwise you can be sure we wouldn't be constantly doing these. (Such a bad policy, constantly changing something that way. And you might ask your client what things they'd like changed, because they often do things that just don't work for us!)

Anyway, last year I drew up notes to TELL MYSELF that we absolutely do NOT need to upgrade their software on our Server. The only way the Server impacts things is to provide a place to house the database, which is pointed to by all the various computers actually using it. AS LONG AS THE VARIOUS COMPUTERS ARE RUNNING THE SAME VERSION, WE'RE GOOD TO GO. But previous notes had other long-winded instructions. And in spite of those notes from 2013, I started to second-guess myself. Bad idea, Charlie!

This is why I phoned them the first time. And the other two times after that, as well. And they kept saying I did need to upgrade. And that woman wanted me to get my tech to spend time 'fixing' the problem. Really??? I was annoyed. We've been through this before, with Kris spending hours and hours (and he's not cheap for us, after all!). I recall one year I told Kristen (who at that time managed the auction) that they should be paying Kris' bill, considering... (sigh)

Well, with Christine's help (she was my eyes and arms, moving from computer to computer), I walked her through what to do on the telephone. And it worked great! So I didn't need to be there in person to deal with it, and didn't need to uninstall all the software and reinstall it. (Which would be at least twice as much work.) So far, so good. It's working. (woo hoo)

I don't really feel like going into all the details of the 'bad' part of the day. First, I haven't felt that great. I've got pain in both ears and a stiff neck. Yeah, it's probably all related to Vertigo. (Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The bad ears or the Vertigo leading to ear pain?) Any other day (well, many other days), I would have taken Meclizine and had a nap (and maybe slept all day). But that was NOT a choice. To I've muddled through. My head is pounding right now and my ears are pounding, but oh well.

And the barter deal that Donn and I set up? We had to cancel it and turn around and get all the monitors back again. We going to actually swap out monitors that are currently working in our office, for used monitors that were a donation. What? How does that begin to make sense? Oh well.

A couple of things: Donn has really impressed me this year. And he really did so today, too. It wasn't simple to cancel that deal, but he managed it. I'm fortunate to work with Donn.

In the future we will NOT be taking donations from members of our board. As long as I'm on doing IT, that's going to be a part of our policy. We're better off saying 'no.' (Which is what we should have done in this case.) I'm not saying we'll never take any donations, because we've had several that really were meaningful and helpful. (And that includes donations from both Donn and Kris.) For that matter, Marilyn and I have donated equipment in the past, too...

Got the eNewsletter out for RHSAA. It's actually two eNewsletters. We blog one (which is embedded into our website), then we send the second out use Constant Contact, which I really hate. (It's not a pimple on the butt of CoolerEmail. That's a rather naughty old saying, but I couldn't help myself!) Somebody really should help them to change Constant Contact. What a mess that service is! Believe me, if we hadn't already been using them, I'd have suggested Cooler, instead...

Sister Sue and I did get to go to the Dollar Tree together today. I always like that. And we got Starbucks at Freddies (so I could take another wack of $$$ out of my account to have for the beach).

I put my great old metal doorstop in Marilyn's bathroom, to keep Colin from locking himself in there. Hahaha. Little goon.

Leftover Mexican, here I come! Marilyn's home from work and we're leaving shortly (which is why I'm blogging now). So I need to go eat and get ready to take off. (Which includes putting on my makeup. At least I've already washed my hair!)

Happy summer, everybody! (That's not in Australia, anyway...)

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