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Last night: Woke up somewhere around 3:30 or 4:00-ish (a.m.), knowing I needed to do the garbage and recycling. Well, it was recycling and composting this week (not 'real' garbage). But still... So I raced around, half asleep and got the recycling out. And I did gather all the garbage and took it out to the garage where the can is stored. Then I finally did the cat boxes...

And I hadn't taken my night time meds, so I did that. Not so great when you consider I should have taken them around 1:00 a.m. at the latest! Hahaha.

Marilyn woke up while I was finishing up and asked me how I managed to wake up in time to get it done. I was a bit amazed myself. But it does seem like I never sleep through when I still need to get this done on a Thursday night (early Friday morning). No, there's no way to get up early enough to do it on Friday, if you're wondering -- they come way too early! (Sometimes 5:30 or around then.) Well, we headed to bed after that...

I woke up with a stomach ache this morning and not feeling all that great. And had low blood sugar again (the last couple of days have been a bit low). Marilyn was suggesting I stay home, but I wanted to view the GFP, so I went in. The morning started with a 'screening' of the parade in the upstairs conference room. Marilyn had a meeting and couldn't attend, but most of the staff was there to watch and review.

When you WORK a parade you don't really SEE it. So it was cool to get to watch.

After that, Marilyn and I took a break and took a ride (and got the car gassed). When we got back I went out for some lunch.

In the afternoon I had my eye appointment with Dr. Elliott (I've been seeing him for years). I did that and got my new contacts and ordered my glassses (they'll be ready in seven to ten days). My prescription had actually changed in the right eye by 25%. That's the first time in years.

I did start working on the changes for the Roosevelt Alumn website -- and on the draft of the eNewsletter. I want to get it ready this weekend so it can go on Monday.

It's late and we haven't eaten dinner, so I guess we'll eat something really late. We were both so tired when we got home that napped and just got up a bit ago.

Oh! Talked with sister Sue in Medford (at her cribbage tournament). We had a lovely chat. I hope she has fun...

Anyway, that's my Friday. Photos are still going to happen, I promise...

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