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So TIRED Tonight.

Marilyn and I tried to actually start our day by getting pedicures (which we really needed). But we headed directly to our Nail shop only to discover they don't open until 10:00 a.m. We've never gone first thing in the morning, I guess, so we had no clue they didn't open up until then! So we headed in to the office and decided we'd try and go after Marilyn's noon-ish meeting to get them done... (We stopped at Target long enough to get some cards, anyway.)

Meanwhile there was plenty of work to get done at the office.

Plus I needed to phone about my thyroid medication. I couldn't figure out why I was running out and hadn't had an automatic refill -- but I'm kind of used to that, because the system doesn't seem to work much of the time. But when I checked my empty bottle, it said I needed labs and had no refills left. So I phoned and they called me back to say I needed to get in for a blood test -- and that I should have received a letter in the mail in APRIL telling me to get one! Seriously??? I had just been in to see Leslie (with blood labs) on March 6, so WHY would I need labs again that soon? Yeah, I'm supposed to get tested for diabetes every three months, so that would have been due the first part of June. But get real: They know my schedule this time of year, and how ridiculous it is to expect someone who is working all the time to get in...

Anyway, I was in no mood to argue with the woman. I just said I'd wait to take the pills until I could get in there, but it wasn't going to be right away. She immediately offered me two weeks of pills when I said that. I'm not surprised, as they really don't want you go go off thyroid meds, even for a day. But I just wasn't going to play games about it. Try my schedule for a week or two (or even a day or two), and then try me again, my friend. They act like I couldn't possibly be working the hours I tell them, and I find that annoying (and a bit insulting). Lots of people I know have to work ten plus hours every day -- and by that I mean SEVEN DAYS A WEEK, for months at a time. If you've never worked 70 plus hours a week you can't be expected to get it -- where we're coming from. But it is REAL and I'm not exaggerating, lady (and lady isn't what I feel like calling her right now).

We didn't have time to pick up the pills today, but hopefully tomorrow. I'm fine for tomorrow's pill, by the way.

Marilyn's meeting was a lunch meeting with Jeff -- and I guess it went well. Time will tell on that one!

After that we got our pedicures. I did blue on my toes again, a bit darker this time around. We had a party this evening and have another tomorrow night, so we wanted our toes to look decent. They really have been pretty bad... I got my editing check today, so we did take the time to go to the bank and deposit it (woo hoo). I was delighted by that! And we stopped so I could get something to eat at McDonalds, because I was starved by that point.

Then we went back to the office and worked until our late afternoon meeting with Mike about RHSAA. We need to get an eNewsletter out and do some website updates.

Then Mike and Marilyn went to the Exec Board meeting of RHSAA (in the conference room) and I did some other work.

Her meeting took until 7:30 -- so we were running late for the birthday party. It was in a part of town we really don't know well, so we had one hell of a time FINDING the house. The online map instructions were really, really BAD. But we hung in there and did finally find it. Our friend Bill turned 60 today and was delighted to see us, as was his daughter, Devon (who was throwing the party). We left at around 9:15 and got home here about 9:45. Then I fixed some sandwiches for dinner and we watched "The Last Comic Standing."

Now I'm just drooping (so is Marilyn). So I plan to catch a nap before doing the garbage and recycling.

We were thinking about driving to the beach this weekend, but we might skip that long drive there and back, we're both so beat. It might be better to sleep again this weekend...

By the time I got everything done last night (including washing my hair), I didn't get as much sleep as I wanted to. And it's all about sleep right now!

People are going down sick A LOT right now at the office. And it was dead in there this afternoon, with almost everyone out!

Two pieces of GOOD NEWS for IT at the festival today!

Donn fixed Carol's computer issue Remotely yesterday. It was all related to some backup programming that's been running in the background on that computer since she first got it. We honestly don't normally back up our various computers, because we normally save everything to the Server, which is backed up. So I've no clue WHY it would have been doing that. Kris bought and set up that computer (back in 2010), so this is a question for him, at some point. Regardless, she's fixed and good to go!

I couldn't talk to her about it, as she was out sick (little wonder).

Plus Todd has another 30-odd used monitors to donate to us on Monday. So Donn worked another deal with his guy to exchange them for computers, so we should be getting around four more! I'm pretty excited about that! We can now get rid of some of the really bad computers still on the floor. (woo hoo)

That's pretty much it for today, I guess. Nap time is calling my name!

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