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Lovely Day with the Festival Staff

Before I forget: I'll share my recent short story soon. I'll need to put it in a Friend's filtered entry (I still feel it's not right to post it in a public entry until after the contest ends) and I do plan to do that. (For those interested, of course.)

Also, I still have a pile of photos I want to share. It's just NOT THAT EASY to get iPhone and iPad photos up at LiveJournal, the way you can photos on a camera or a PC computer. (sigh) But I was looking through the 2014 festival photos and there are some good ones I'd like to post.

Marilyn and I went to work this morning. It was chilly and overcast. It's been rather COLD here (I think the recent hail storm speaks to that), and some people have even been turning on their furnaces (!!!). We haven't quite done that, at least. (Heat on in June??? Yikes.)

I went to Starbucks with several others, while Marilyn had to go to the bank to get some cash. Cousin Linda wanted some money, and Marilyn (of course) gave it to her. I guess we're lucky we can afford to do that (though how easily we can afford it is debatable sometimes...).

Did some work in the morning. And set up Donn to do some stuff via Remote (hope that worked out!) this afternoon.

The entire Staff left the office around noon to head out to the Edgefield McMenamins for a staff luncheon, in celebration of the end of our 2014 festival. (I think only one person was missing, one of the interns.) We had a lovely lunch, which included adult beverages (the festival paid for our food, plus one drink). I have great photos from lunch, and walking around after, that I'd love to share at some point...

After lunch, Marilyn and I went outside. By now it was a beautiful, sunny day -- just perfect weather! The temperature was around 70. Marilyn had been there many times, but this was my first time ever. This location used to be the Multnomah County Poor Farm, by the way. Our parents often talked about 'the poor farm' when we were kids -- and they probably meant it! If you follow the link, you can read the history.

It's an amazing place, and it's really being put to good use now as a McMenamins facility. Just lovely! It's hard to imagine what it must have been like. I'd actually like to read more about it, and see more period photos...

After that we had another drink. The festival gave every person a McMenamins gift card ($10) to spend. So Marilyn and I used it to have a second drink each. The drink with lunch was pretty mild, but the second one was quite a bit stronger! So we also ordered some fries. (Eating fries when you drink can keep you from getting too 'happy,' if you don't know it. A friend told us this years back, and it does seem to be true. Of course, it's not a license to just drink a ton! But if you're having a couple of drinks, it works...)

Then we decided to head home around 4:00. Two of the interns needed a ride downtown, so Marilyn was nice enough to take them. (We rode out to the place just the two of us, originally.) They didn't need to go back to the office (which would have been a pain), so that was nice. It did put us in much worse traffic to get home, though. But we still got home by around 5:00, which is some sort of MIRACLE for Marilyn (who has been late both Monday and Tuesday this week).

I fixed leftovers for dinner and we watched some TV. Then I took my current books (a paperback and my Kindle Paperwhite) and headed to read and nap. I guess Marilyn didn't -- and did Edits on her iPad and watched TV, instead. (She's sleeping right now, though...)

And that was pretty much our day!

We have VERY BUSY days in front of us, both Thursday and Friday -- including evening activities. I should be WASHING MY HAIR right now!!! I'll probably do that when I'm done blogging. (sigh)

One last note: One of my tasks at work today was to contact the VP of Sales at EasyStreet and ask him to send me a written description of our recent issues during the festival. The man was AMAZING to talk to, so I found this a bit awkward. I needed to ask him to admit responsibility for the problem (which I don't entirely lay only at their door). By 3:00 today he'd written back -- I just found it in my email. What a guy! Now I can turn that over to Marilyn and it should resolve the situation. (I'm very protective of that relationship and want to continue using them as our website host on a go-forward basis...)

Anyway, I'm off! I hope all is well with all of you!!!

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