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Another Busy Day (Monday)

I managed to write a 2,400 word inspirational fiction today for the 83rd Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition (the deadline for submissions was today.

If anyone here is interested in reading it, I'm allowed to share it in my private blog (which is NOT considered publishing it in advance of the judging). So why not?

I spent two sessions on this (meaning two different days, all told). That might not sound like a lot of time, but I've been known to knock off a 2,000 word fiction in a single day in the past. Hahaha. Hopefully I did a better job of proofing this than some of those stories in the past, however! Actually, I had Marilyn look it over for me, so I'm feeling pretty confident that it's not full of mistakes.

Anyway, I spent a good portion of my day on that.

I also saw sister Sue and her granddaughter Nicole today -- and went shopping at Freddies with them. We missed any of the awful storms we faced here in Portland today, thankfully! Aside from a couple of terrible downpours (Sue got caught out in one and was drenched!), there was a terrible thunder storm with a TON of hail -- the most I've ever seen at one time! The ground was so covered with hail that it looked like snow. No, I'm not kidding! I have photos to prove it, so I might need to upload some tomorrow. Right now they're on my iPhone and iPad, so it's not that easy to get them here to LiveJournal (more's the pity).

I did manage to do a load of dishes and pick up the kitchen a bit. I had veggie soup for my lunch.

I also got my invoice done for my editing services (and turned in). And I logged in and changed the phone system back to normal days for the festival (we had phones turned on for two of our three festival weekends).

As I mentioned above, I managed to walk outside for hail photos without FALLING and killing myself -- and that was no joke, considering there was ice everywhere!!!

And then I went over to see my friends and neighbors, June and her husband, Jim. June and I made copies of my story (so she could read it -- and so I had a hard copy). And fooled around on her computer. Mostly we chatted, which was very nice!

That's pretty much my day. Marilyn and I did see The Last Comic Standing tonight (it's the Semi-Finals right now), which we both enjoyed. And we watched American Ninja Warrior (which we're currently really hung up on!) -- and found it inspirational, as always.

Marilyn didn't get home from work until around 8:00 p.m. -- I think that sucks, but as long as she's not unhappy about it, I'm not going to let it bother me. I only care because of her to begin with, after all. And she DID NOT have to do any of the bagging of pennies this morning! They were all bagged before she got in there. Nice! (She hasn't been feeling well, so I was worried about her doing this task. Besides, she got very little sleep last night...)

That's my day! I don't mind rain, but I'm hopeful we don't get a bunch more pouring storms. I really, really don't want to flood our house again. And a bunch of people lost power today -- I'm glad it didn't happen to us!

By the way, summer may be getting closer, but it was COLD and very like winter here today! Walking around on tons of ice made that very clear to me.

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