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I spent a lot of time working on the fictional story I'm currently writing today. I potentially want to enter it in a writing contest, IF I can get it ready in time. The deadline for submission is June 16, which is Monday. So I can work on it this weekend.

The story is in the inspirational category. I've written a little bit of this in the past, so we'll see how it goes. Inspirational has a 2,500 word maximum. I'm currently around 1,100 words. The problem won't be getting there, but staying under (of course). I tend to be a prolific writer, but I have no problem cutting my work. (I've worked as an Editor, after all.)

I want to get back to writing really bad. I've let it go for such a long time! And I love to write! I've got several ideas for stories running around in my head. One started out as a total SciFi fiction, then became a Western -- surprise! I frequently write Westerns, something I can write with very little effort. (I really know the field well.) but there's no demand currently for Westerns, so I need to avoid these. Hahaha! Typical, huh? I'm good at them, but nobody wants to read them...

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my eye doctor, Dr. Elliott, who is located downtown. It takes around an hour and a half. I need new glasses and contacts, both.

I'm having Donn in to work tomorrow. He needs to mess with some monitors and do a few other minor IT things.

We have several outtings coming up. One this weekend. We're planning an Events Retreat soon. We're going to Seaside, and we'll be using our house as a 'base' of operations (smile). Summer (after festival) is always full of social obligations...

Marilyn went with sister Sue to her doctor appointment this morning. I'm glad she's able to do that again!

I still REALLY need to answer communications from friends! I'm so behind. And still so very tired. I'm sure I'll catch up soon on sleep and everything else.

Heading to sleep soon. I'd LOVE to read, but I probably won't be able to keep my eyes open...

Fortunately, I did the garbage and recycling earlier today, so that's out of the way. We had a downpour today, but otherwise the weather was fine.

Sweet dreams, all!

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