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Mini-Vacation is Over -- Back to Portland

Marilyn and I really LOVED our mini-vacation to our beach house in Seaside. It was such fun to drive down on a Tuesday and stay until late afternoon today. Our little overnighter was just what we both needed -- and the cats seemed to love it, too!

We did things we don't normally do, which was great. We both rested and had fun, so we couldn't ask for more.

Marilyn REALLY EARNED this day and a half, considering the last couple of months, plus her two early mornings Monday and Tuesday after the parade!

Our plan for this weekend is to catch up on our sleep, plus get pedicures. Maybe we'll get back to the beach the following weekend. We'll see...

Off to bed soon. Seriously, I will get some photos to share soon.

Tags: 2014, beach-house, cats, fun, june-2014, marilyn, portland-house, rest, sleep, vacation

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