CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Wonderful Day!

What a wonderful day!

Woke up at 7:00 a.m. -- Marilyn was already at the office by then (!!!).

I was excited all morning, knowing we were going to the beach today! I got right in and started gettibg ready to go, including picking up around the house.

Marilyn had a meeting with Todd (the festival president) and Jeff (the festival CEO) this morning.

I was totally ready to go when she got home, so I fixed us sandwiches and a pot of coffee for lunch, before we packed up the car.

The boys were good on the ride here. Both cats had a nap with Marilyn on her bed after we got here. For whatever reason, I couldn't sleep for our nap time, so I got up and read my Kindle. (Strange, as I was so sleepy on the ride here.)

Marilyn and I went to the Crabby Oyster for dinner -- we had clam chowder with fish and chips. Really delicious!

Forgot to mention seeing a deer (a doe) cross the highway in front of us -- she was beautiful. (Tried to phone sister Sue to tell her on both phones, but she must have been asleep. She always says it's good luck.) Marilyn also saw a elk with a huge rack!

After dinner we went to the arcade. We played Wheel of Fortune and Marilyn won more than 700 tickets! Amazingly good luck!

We had a BLAST at the arcade. We were playing the coolest racing game! You felt like you were flying! Awesome fun.

We played Scat Cat and pinball and a bunch of other games.

Then we had ice cream and took a walk, before heading home.

We need to head back home tomorrow. We're attending a graduation party tomorrow night. But we can wait until afternoon to leave.

(Then back to work Thursday.)

Today was such a fantastic 'vacation' getaway day!

All four of us (the cats, Colin and Henry, Marilyn and me) are very happy to be at our beach house!!!

By the way, the weather is perfect!

I need to write back to all the WONDERFUL emails I received about the Grand Floral Parade. People have been wonderful! I need to try and catch up here at LiveJournal and over at Facebook, too...

Lastly, very sad about the Reynolds High School shooting today. Just hate school violence (we saw some back in the day, too, but it didn't include guns!)...

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