CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Back from Work

We're home from the office and watching the end of Miss USA. We saw who will win (I was Tweeting, so...), and she's our favorite, so that's fine.

Speaking of, we're really happy with our 100th Queen, Queen Emma. And I love her parents, too.

Alaska Airlines had the Sweepstakes float yesterday.

I really need to post a bunch of photos -- especially from last night, which was a blast. Maybe tomorrow...

My legs and my feet are pretty SORE today. (Plus my right hip.) I'll be better tomorrow, I'm sure.

Got some NICE messages from friends after the parade! It feels good getting those. We have an EARLY morning tomorrow (sigh), so I suppose we'll try to go to bed early. Or not. Marilyn wants to rake a day off this week. We'll see. Maybe she'll get to, who knows?

Can't wait to get to the beach for at least a night.

That's it for today...

Tags: 2014, beach-house, feet, festival, june-2014, legs, marilyn, miss-usa, office, pain, sore, sunday, tired, work

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