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Another Busy Day -- Tomorrow is GFP Day!

Today was such a busy day that I was SHOCKED when I discovered it was already 1:00 p.m.!

The morning was very busy. Our Treasure Hunt medallion was found, and I had to take photos and interview the winner. I actually think Rich was surprised by how well I managed the interview and the article I wrote up after. It was work, yes, but also great fun! She's be treasure hunting for some time, a wife and mother of two boys. And has a wonderful group she treasure hunts with as a hobby.

Aside from that, almost everything today was about the Grand Floral Parade (GFP). Tomorrow is the big day! I'm glad we got home before 9:00, so we could get some extra rest tonight. Last year I got NO SLEEP the night before (for several reasons), so I'm hoping that will not happen (or even get close) this year.

GFP is exhausting for me, so I need to really be on my game. I've got some kind of issue with my shoulder (back? side?) right now that's very painful. But I'm hanging in there. Marilyn doesn't want me to life anything, so I'm trying hard not to...

Saw Cousin Linda today and even took her to Starbucks. Did not manage to see Mark -- just too busy. But hooked him up with tickets for tomorrow and souvenir pins (he wanted one because they look like cameras this year). We SOLD OUT of pins this year!!!

In the afternoon I had to 'fix' the page I put up yesterday about our Saturday concert. The wrong date appeared in more than one spot! One place was because of the engine, but one was plainly my own error. Marilyn thought it was funny that none of us noticed -- it was the band who contacted us. But Marilyn said it's little wonder we make some mistakes, considering the workload and how tired we all are...

(Well, some people might get to go home before six. But don't get me started... sigh...)

I also helped out the float judges. They want to see the results from LAST year -- and I believe I was the only one who had a neatly typed version! I used to do this every year for the website, so once I had my external plugged back in and working, I got the PDF printed out for them...

Marilyn and I have a car loaded for bear -- with more yet to go in it! This is our first GFP with a smaller car in many years, so it takes some getting used to -- we have so much to haul there (and back home again). Hopefully we'll manage okay! Just stuck some bottles of water in the fridge to cool for the morning. Plus we'll need to make our usual trip to get ice.

Well, there's probably a lot I'm missing. But I'm heading for bed now.

Wish us luck tomorrow! The weather has been perfect, so there's no problem there. I hope things go smoothly, because last year was a mess and very difficult.

Sweet dreams!

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