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Really Good Medical-Supply News!!!

Can't believe I forgot to blog about this! I'm so very, very excited!

My box arrived (finally) from Byram Healthcare today. I was glad, because I placed the order on May 13 (!!!), and couldn't figure out WHY it was being held up. (sigh)

I didn't have much time to pay attention to it at work, as I was so busy. But when I got it home tonight, I gave it a shake -- wondering whether or not there was a chance I'd have two boxes of test strips. It felt light to me, so I was thinking 'no' in answer to that question.

But I was WRONG! There were two boxes, instead of one! Not sure how my doctor (actually a nurse practitioner) got that through my insurance, as it was attempted in the past, but didn't fly. But I was really happy to see that.

Plus I'd ordered lancets, too. Not sure what made me do that. I actually had a bunch. But for whatever reason, I was given a new lancing device and some NEW 'extra fine' (33 gauge) lancets to go with it! I just tried one, and I could barely feel it at all! For anyone who has ever tested with these, they can be really painful -- especially over time, when you test again and again. What a miracle!!!

And I'm worse than most people. Because of my computer graphics and how I use a mouse with my right hand, I won't test with that hand at all. In fact, I use the same TWO fingers on my left hand all the time, switching between them usually each day. So those two fingers on my left hand take the lancing abuse...

Well, just had to share. It's such amazingly GOOD news! And when it comes to insurance -- and what they will and won't cover -- I don't generally expect good news. Really counting my many blessings right now.

OH!!! And it's about 10:40 p.m. and I'm DONE with the garbage and recycling. My damn back (side? whatever?) is giving me fits right now. So I'm going to take out my contacts (I'm squinting, as it is) and go take a jacuzzi in Marilyn's lovely jetted tub.

Speaking of eyes bothering someone (we were sort of talking about my constant issues with my eyes recently), Marilyn is having issues, too! She's been seeing flashes of lights and stuff -- which has me worried. As she said when we were trying to reason out why, it's probably just about EXHAUSTION and sleep deprivation. No kidding!

Sleep well, my friends! (hugs)

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