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Busy. Busy. BUSY! News, IT and More (Saw Sue's Parents!)

I originally started this entry at just past 7:00 p.m. It's now 8:45 and we just walked in the door from work. We're both sore and very tired. Marilyn needs to wash her hair (poor thing!!!), and I need to get right in and do the garbage and recycling (especially the dirty cat boxes). The pain in my back is worse again -- I probably need to take something to ease it. I helped Stephanie pack some heavy boxes into her car late in the day (she needed the help). And I have to lift a few heavy things while doing the recycling. (sigh) But I'll get it done somehow...

Enjoyed the visit from Jessica -- it was like old times! And we chatted about all the work we need to do tomorrow (it will be a very full day!!!). But we're only a few days away from the end of the major part of the festival. So it's all good...

What's below this was written earlier.

Woke up with a sore back (sore side???) this morning. I guess I slept wrong, or got uncovered in the night or something. It was so painful this morning (big ouch)!!! And it still hurts now, though not as bad (thankfully). Marilyn did something to her groin and it's killing her. So we're both the walking wounded. Hahaha.

Todd (our President) and his wife brought in goodies for the staff to eat for both breakfast and lunch! So very sweet of them! This sort of thing used to happen back in the old days, but we don't really expect it now. A lovely surprise! Even Marilyn was snacking on a few things.

Got to see Sue B.'s parents, who dropped by with their little dog (Jasmine) -- who is a bit of a pain. But they were delighted to see me! And Marilyn, too, of course. And we hooked 'em up with tickets to get in to CityFair, so they could go visit the Museum we have there (and that Sue and Dennis have worked so hard on). Marilyn took a photo of me with them. I need to Instagram it, I guess. (Haven't seen it, yet...)

I was supposed to have lunch with Mark today, but I was way, way too busy in the morning and around lunch time. So we were trying to do Starbucks, instead, but he still wasn't free by 6:00. So maybe tomorrow...

Can't BELIEVE I didn't mention hooking up Oliver again yesterday! And he helped me out with an eNewsletter issue this morning, thankfully! Good old Oliver! So glad he's still in my life... We became buddies via our eNews service years and years ago. The festival has sure helped me with friendships, that's for sure.

Jessica (who used to work for Marilyn and was her sidekick back in 2007 -- Centennial year) is coming by this evening around 7:00. It's past seven right now, so probably any time...

Terry -- who is Tary's sister -- was by today. (They're Barry's kids.) She looked fabulous.

I was also Facebooking (and emailing) with Cousin Linda today.

I did a HUGE News item for the website. It was an overview of this weekend, starting with Thursday (today) and running through Sunday. This is our major weekend with TONS of stuff to cover, so it was a lot of work. Rich and I are supposed to work on this together, but he honestly was not much help. I did almost all of it...

Before I could finish it (he wasn't available to go over it), Marilyn and I took off to work a break in and run a bunch of errands. (I gave him a chance, so I wasn't very sympathetic when he tried to grab me as I was leaving.) We took another ride around Sauvie Island. Then we had to go buy flash drives. And we wanted to get a bottle for Stacey's husband, John. These two are so important to our equestrian program! Plus we picked up a bottle of vodka and some Bloody Mary mix for after the parade on Saturday. (We make tiny drinks for a bunch of people who show up -- a relatively new custom.)

Funny note: We got stuck on the opposite of the river while a US Navy ship was coming in!!! We're so very lucky to have the Fleet back this year. It's a very big deal, after not having them last year. But we had to laugh to get caught in traffic! The cool thing? Seeing the ship on the water as we drove past!!! There were tugs moving it into the berthing spot on the seawall -- and it was huge and had sailors lined up on deck in their whites. Wonderful sight! Sorry I couldn't get a photo...

Finished up the (damn) News item when I got back. At least Rich had done the ONE PARAGRAPH that I'd asked him to write earlier. (sigh)

Then I needed to go into our phone system and reset the hours for Saturday (more complicated than it sounds). I got a reminder on the computer yesterday, so I did need to make sure it was done.

I had Donn here for hours, doing computer stuff. And he constantly needs to check with me, which is totally normal. But I was so busy that I wasn't as open to talking things over as normal. I just needed to get things done -- and on a deadline. Donn has a great sense of humor -- and was trying to kid around with me. But timing is everything, and I was pretty serious about what I was working on.

I also discovered at one point in the morning that we did NOT have the TV info up on the GFP page -- and they're a major sponsor! Plus for those watching the parade on Live television from home, they kind of need that information... So I added that there (which I'd needed for my News item -- which is how I discovered it was missing in the first place).

At some point we need to REVIEW and make changes to our new website. But we're just doing the best we can to make it through right now!

Did I mention my work to help Marissa with the eNewsletter? I was logged in and out as I communicated with both her and Oliver... (No matter what, I'm obviously going to remain connected to it as long as we have it, clearly.)

While Carol and I were discussing the TV stuff, we also discussed the missing concert info for Saturday night's concert. So I wanted to add it. But I didn't know how. So I had Danielle show me a quick (very!!!) overview of 'how to' do it. And I managed to reason out most of that on my own. I did have to ask her for help with one of the images, but totally understood it when she explained one image versus another. I'm so PROUD that I could do this 'new' thing at the website with very little assistance. I'm picking it all up pretty quickly, frankly.

I'm forgetting to share things. Every single day is like a week now. Just a TON happens. It's really hard to keep it all straight.

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