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Wednesday at the Festival Office...

Marilyn left the house quite early (7:00, I think). She had her final GFP meeting this morning, prior to the parade on Saturday. I never attend it, so I stayed home and got an extra 45 minutes of blissful sleep! Lucky, lucky me!!!

I did do a load of dishes today. And got over to take June and Jim the stuff I've had for them (souvenir programs, team pins and Thelma pins, the poster and post cards). Plus I had copies of both the parade scripts, too. They won't be attending the parade (I mentioned this before), but can watch it on TV. I got to see Jim briefly, but tried not to wake June who was sleeping.

Marilyn picked me up and we headed down for an annual ride around Sauvie Island, which we usually try to do at least once during this week of the festival. We grabbed some soda and each got a hot dog for our lunch.

Each day is busy now, of course. It's usually putting out fires. I had to deal with another bad computer -- and getting Donn in to fix it immediately! We decided (and Marilyn okayed it) that we'd take PRFA91 (91) and revert it to WinXP, then set it up as our spare. So Donn is doing that tonight (the reformat) -- and will come in to set it up tomorrow, thankfully. Better safe than sorry to have a spare, now that we've used our good spare for Stephanie...

I also did a News item for the website on the results from the Junior Parade, which was today. Those of us in the office tried to watch at least part of it on TV, which was cool. The office was really quiet today, with most of the staff gone to the parade.

For whatever reason, I can't remember all the details of the day (there were many). But I kept my laptop in Marilyn's office so I could work there, part of the time. And I was both at Stephanie's computer and at my own desk, too.

We left the office in time to get over to the Hollywood District to find a place to park (very hard over there), so we could attend the International Youth Silent Film Festival show at the Hollywood Theatre. They showed 13 films and announced the top three winners internationally. The winner was from Australia and gave an impressive acceptance speech. Jeff sat with us and we ate popcorn and had pop.

Then we stopped to pick up some groceries (just a few) on the way home. And now we're home and have put things away. So we'll eat a bit (we've only had a hot dog and small bag of popcorn to eat all day) and watch some TV.

Henry is screaming at me. I guess he wants attention. Probably sad we were gone all day. (But I was home this morning, for heaven's sake!!!)

Did speak to sister Sue this morning. And stupidly phoned her at cribbage, too. I just spaced that it was her cribbage night. All days really roll into one right now...

Well, I'm off to eat. More tomorrow...

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