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Crazy Day During Festival...

Today was a crazy day, beginning to end. I had low blood sugar, to start off. And just could hardly seem to get it together so we could leave for work.

There was something going on every minute of the day, I swear. Stephanie's computer was having major issues, so I brought Donn in. He determined it was serious, so we decided to give her the spare computer that we happily had on the shelf for a situation like this. So he set up her profile while I was dealing with tons of other stuff...

We had our Communications meeting and reviewed everything that needs to be done -- and there's a lot.

Marilyn and I got takeout for lunch and ate at her desk.

I scrounged giveaway items for the PA Meeting for GFP, finding a lot of stuff with help. And we attended that meeting, which Marilyn ran (very well, I might add).

I got our tickets done today, too. Mailed Clint's. He phoned tonight when we got home. He might only need two, but mailed him four, so whatever.

Cousin Linda's are waiting for her at the front desk. Still not sure if she wanted two or four, so she got four. We're beyond caring at this point in time...

And Rob came by to pick up his tickets for him and Jeff. He brought his puppy -- she's adorable! Sorry I didn't get a photo.

I met a bunch of the REAL Thelma's relatives today and chatted with them. Some will be riding in the parade on Saturday, and others will be watching in the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

At one point I saw baby geese out in the park and ran out to see them and take photos for a few minutes. So sweet!

We had planned to go home after the meeting, but that didn't happen (of course). We had to deal with the toilets to go out on the route. We had a very limited amount, so we had to cut the map by around half the locations. I needed to fix the original map (which I made years back), and that was interesting! I didn't have an actual 'blank' template to work from, so I really had to tweak it like mad. But I think it's going to work okay...

Tired beyond belief right now. We got home around 8:30, after being stuck on the way home by TWO damn trains (we had to wait almost half an hour for them to move through). We needed to go to the main post office downtown to drop off important mail, so we had no choice about it. Frustrating.

Marilyn's in a bad place this year due to many circumstances (but mainly interactions with one person). I hope it's going to be resolved soon... I'm very unhappy with another member of the staff and might approach that person for not being a 'team player' (I'm so fed up with it). A couple of people on staff who aren't engaged and can really bring down the morale of others, I have to say. Overall we've got a good group of people -- and these two people have been better in the past. But no matter how 'sorry' they might be, the fact is you need people to be committed and involved -- otherwise they have an effect on everyone...

These 15+ hour days only work if everyone is in it together.

Well, enough about that. I'm headed to my Kindle and bed (and sleep, once I can turn my brain off).

We watched the end of the movie "Her" together again tonight, as Marilyn fell asleep far before the end last night. I hope I didn't give people the wrong impression about this film. The acting and direction are outstanding. It's a slow and thoughtful film that I believe could be called a romance -- but it's very different. Interesting, certainly. But, yes, quite odd. I don't suppose it's for everyone, but I think it's worth seeing on many levels.

The book I just finished was excellent. I need to look up the title and author...

More soon. I know I'm pretty BORING right now, but soon the festival will end and I'll go back to have free time and so on. So...

(Sure glad I got my hair done yesterday! Really enjoying it!)

Good night, dear friends! Sleep well.

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