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Go, Me! Hahaha. Finished Two Projects...

I think I need a NEW 'Go, me!' icon. Hahaha. Oh well.

Started the GFP script edit at 9:00 a.m. this morning -- and worked on it without even a bathroom break until around 3:00-ish (might have been a bit earlier, say 2:30). Then I turned it back over to Marilyn and Danielle. It went to print at 4:45 (according to Danielle). Naturally we got one last item in at 5:04 -- I don't know why we're even going to include them, considering the late timing, but they'll have to be a cut and paste addition (!!!).

Yeah, Marilyn had said I'd have it done in 'two hours' -- but I should have known better! Neither script can be done that quickly, frankly. I have to do a certain amount of re-writing, no matter what. And compress, compress, compress the Copy! Scripts need to really follow the Less Is More dictum, that's for sure! People have to read this -- and it needs to work with entries in almost constant motion in front of them...

I'm always proud when I finish up this job! I edit both the Starlight Parade and GFP scripts -- but not the Junior Parade script. In fact, I don't believe I've ever even SEEN that one! Anyway, this is my paid gig. I do NOT do this task as a volunteer, believe it or not. I've been doing it since the 1990's, so I've had quite a bit of experience. It's both fascinating and fun, aside from the work involved.

The other task I tackled today was the eNewsletter for the GF Walk. Yes, yes -- I already did ONE of these last week! But I knew we were going to do a second one this week. It apparently needs some additional tweaking (sigh), but that should be fairly close to done. Hopefully I'll wrap up my part in it first thing in the morning...

Tomorrow is the PA meeting for GFP in the late afternoon. A week ago (last Tuesday), Jeff let Mark go -- and I ran the Starlight PA meeting right after that. It seems like a month ago! I'm not kidding. Time gets really freaky for us during the festival.

We need to finish our ticket orders for GFP tomorrow. It's ridiculous how DIFFICULT this has become! I had made a list, and now I've had TWO CHANGES just today! It's getting pretty late for that, frankly. Plus Cousin Linda (one of the changes) did NOT confirm how many tickets she wanted, even though she did communicate with me. That's really NOT much help, I have to say... (sigh) Well, hopefully we'll get it all done in the morning.

It's just impossible to explain what a day is like, if I'm being honest. Yeah, I list things done, but it's just CRAZY-BUSY and there's stuff happening every minute and the deadlines are intense and everybody wants something. I had IT to deal with, but it just didn't happen -- so I imagine we'll be on it tomorrow, instead.

Plus we've got issues with the website (which I was already dealing with on Saturday). Our website was DOWN on Starlight Parade day!!! Seriously??? On one of the biggest days of our year -- in the middle of our festival??? You've got to be kidding me. This has NEVER happened before. Yeah, we've been down before, but certainly NOT during the actual festival. Go figure. I got some tech friends at our hosting company to do a work-around for me. But this needs to be addressed with our account rep, pronto. Because we CANNOT be dealing with it again this week -- especially NOT on GFP day (this coming Saturday). I think I'm going to have to get in the mix, because clearly FISH doesn't know what to do about it... (sigh)

So much for me not being involved with the website. I may not be the webmaster anymore, but I'm certainly not going to just let things fall apart, believe you me.

Well, I'm doing my hair, so I have to dash. More soon!

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