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Marilyn is finally on her way home. It's 11:30 p.m. at night. She's exhausted. She's been working on pennies since 5:00. Moving them, getting them out of rolls and running them through the counting machines. Her back is killing her -- little wonder!

Sister Sue and I went for Mexican food for lunch -- mainly so I could give some festival goodies to our favorites there (Lonnie, Margarita, Missy, Shelby and Fernando). Didn't see Fernando (he works nights), but saw the rest, who were all just thrilled. Sue and I didn't have time to eat, though -- only a couple of bites. We were rushing to get to her doctor appointment at 1:30.

So we get there and they inform us the appointment was at 1:00! Sue doesn't mix that stuff up, so I'm sure they were wrong. Then were there for ages while they decide if they can still take her -- and then set up a new appointment for her. We were laughing about it, because what else can you do?

My ears are bothering me. And I don't know what's going on with my tongue recently! I keep biting it. Once you bite your tongue, it seems like you keep biting it over again in the same spot. So painful and annoying! I bit it today while drinking! Really???

They played a half hour show about the festival tonight at 6:00 -- it was really good!

So pleased for Marilyn how this Queen Thelma thing has turned out! Sorry she's had so much work with the pennies and so on, but glad that Angel was there to support her and help with the work! I was going to go down (sister Sue had offered to take me), but couldn't reach Sue by phone. (I figure she was asleep.) It's okay -- Marilyn and Angel got the work done.

I'm really annoyed with one of the people at work who shall remain nameless. But this person seems to have plenty of time to go home almost every single day (!!!) before 7:00 -- and to run personal errands during the day, too. Considering Marilyn can't even have the time to take our terminally ill sister to a doctor's appointment, this just burns my ass... I guess it shouldn't, but it does. (sigh)

We skipped the party, but clearly Marilyn wouldn't have had time to attend, anyway. Tomorrow morning we'll finish up the counting of the pennies. It's all pretty exciting!

And the Queen of our 2014 Court was selected yesterday. Only four people know who won (no, I'm not one of them). This will be announced at the Coronation on GFP morning (just prior to the parade), on June 7. This girl will be our 100th Queen!

Tomorrow is Starlight Parade day. I'm excited to see if they use the script verbatim, like they did last year. (I edit the script, so...)

My eyes have been bothering me today, too. I wonder what that's about??? They're bothering me right now. (sigh)

Well, Marilyn needs to shower. I already did right before starting this (and washed my hair). I suppose we should get to bed soon, because tomorrow is an early start at the office...

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