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Tough Day... But Still a Good Day...

There was CAKE today -- brought in by Charold, who is such a dear person (and good friend). Marilyn and I both had cake, even though we haven't been eating it as a rule.

Anyway, I stayed home this morning and slept in (thanks, Marilyn!). Marilyn had judging this morning and went directly there (not needing to drop me by the office). I did get up at a decent hour, though. And sister Sue came over and took me shopping for some things I really needed, like apples (I eat one every morning with my meds) and kitty litter and so on (thanks, Sue!).

She had offered to take me down to work, too, so Marilyn wouldn't need to come and get me. But Marilyn wanted to come home and change, anyway, so we went with the original plan.

Marilyn had a sandwich at home, but I was meeting up with Kris for lunch. He took me out to Chinese, which was really sweet of him. And Donn was in to do some work for CityFair, so I had him do some stuff in the office, too. Always good to see both Kris and Donn!

Today was hard, though, because Jeff had Mark clear his things out. He was suspended for this festival, based on drinking right outside our office while in 'uniform' (wearing the festival jacket and credentials). Mark says he only had a few sips -- and I believe him (he's a very honest guy). But that doesn't matter, because the rules about drinking are pretty strict.

Mark took it very well. And he and I hugged and he told me we were good and we'd always be friends. I love Mark and he loves me and we're close friends. So this was tough. He was so great during it all, as I was helping him pack up his things...

But after he left, I was a mess. I went into Marilyn's office and just started sobbing. I couldn't stop. She made Jeff come in and slammed the door behind him. I guess she went to his office and practically was dragging him over to handle the situation. It was good, because it allowed me to make it clear that this wasn't the same as letting a regular employee go. Mark has been mainly a volunteer, who later got a contract and was paid, but it wasn't a large amount of money. He wasn't there for the money (as even Jeff said to him when he was asking him to leave). Mark loves the festival and working with us. And he thinks very highly of Jeff.

It was kind of funny, really! I had my big meeting late this afternoon and this happened RIGHT BEFORE it was time to leave for the meeting! So Ashley was freaking out, I guess, that I might not be able to make the meeting (which I run). Hahaha. Well, NO -- even a major upset where I was crying my heart out won't keep me from DOING MY JOB when the time comes. So I pulled myself together and went off to the meeting and it went good, as usual. Oh, they're very hard to manage at the meeting (they always are!), but those people had no clue I'd been so upset only minutes before getting there...

Mark has chemo tomorrow in the morning, poor guy. But he's supposed to come by in the afternoon. He's bringing back the table and chair he came out here to get for the Vaudeville Rose performance (that they DID NOT end up using -- what a waste of Mark's time to get them, drag them around in his van and now have to bring them back).

I'm really going to make an effort to stay in touch with Mark. This situation was a terrible mess, but he's such a good guy, even so.

Marilyn had wanted to leave early today, but we didn't get home until 7:30. Yeah, we certainly could have been later, but it wasn't the time she'd had in mind. We both pretty tired and can use all the rest we can get...

We had to stop on the way home to get a couple things I missed while shopping with Sue. It's not that easy to remember everything when your head is so crammed full of what's going on at work! We needed to go and get prescriptions, too (damn it!!!), but whatever. Maybe we can go get them tomorrow night...

And we have to go shopping for clothes -- and get something to wear for the party that's a few nights away! (sigh)

Marilyn's asleep on the sofa right now, I'm happy to report. And as soon as I finish blogging and go take out my contacts, I'm taking my Kindle and heading to bed.

Tomorrow has been declared a NO DRAMA day at the office. Hahaha. Considering I was the 'drama' today, I supposed it's amusing that I'm as much for that as anyone else!!!

But my plan is to work from home tomorrow, unless something comes up that would require me to be at the office. I need to start in early on the News item that's going on the website -- Rich got it started and I'll give it a once-over in the morning. I probably should have looked at it tonight, but what the hell. I'm just too tired.

It's funny how much being emotional can take out of you. I was surprised by myself! But what the hell, being tired and busy can make it easier for you to BE emotional. (And Mark is not just any person. He's a good friend -- and somebody who really loves the festival.)

Well, I did my job. I was there when he was packing up. I've done that with so many people over the years. Andy was saying that I'm the one there when people start (as I do the training), and I'm the one that's there when people leave... Hopefully I manage it with empathy. And at least I didn't get emotional while Mark was still there. Because he was perhaps the most controlled person I've ever seen in this situation! I give him major kudos. (I think he was so dignified. Wow.)

Almost forgot! I had a lovely chat (via phone) with my friend June today! I might even see her tomorrow, depending on how things work out.

Plus I talked to Bill Zapp -- the man who always supplies the RV we use as our GFP Command Post. (He's now 80.) He'll be here again this year! (woo hoo)

Anyway, off to bed. It's been another long, tough day...

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