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Memorial Day -- So Tired Tonight...

What a day. Wow, both Marilyn and I are so beat. We're supposed to be washing our hair tonight, but we're both just too damn tired. She plans to wash her bangs in the morning. I wish I could get myself to wash my hair. Just not sure I can... (sigh)

We were on our feet a TON again today -- and back and forth to CityFair. That walking might not sound like much, but it's exhausting. And so much time on our feet. Wow.

The Tribute Tree looks pretty cool! Wish I had a photo, but I don't. I'll try and share one at some point. I got my own tributes up for Dad, Uncle Albert and Uncle Bob today. (woo hoo)

A bad situation came up last night with Mark (our video dude) last night. I've been so close to Mark and so protective of him. I feel awful that this happened. Anyway, Mark's in a lot of trouble. I can't go into it much right now (maybe later). Men should use judgment where women are concerned -- and Mark frequently does not. (I've given him a hard time about this several times in the past, actually).

We grew up around men who just had no judgment about women. Uncle Bob, Don (Dad's dear friend) and many more. They picked the wrong women and then did stupid things because of these women. Trying to impress women can really make some men into idiots, I'm telling you...

So Mark was texting me around midnight last night, back and forth. (sigh)

Anyway, the weather was improved today, happily! We had a lot of sunshine -- and big crowds down at the Park. (woo hoo) I guess our numbers are really good so far this year -- a very good thing for the festival.

I had a bite of the deep fried rose petals today -- really yummy! And I ate a deep fried lasagna! I had half of a spinach and mushroom one (and had several people take bites to try it). It's so much better than it sounds. Hahaha. Ashley gave me a slice of her watermelon, which really tasted like summer!

The Memorial Day thing in the RoZone? Um... Really didn't go well at all today. One of our speakers verbally attacked another speaker! The one guy was hooked up with the VA hospital -- and the other guy was a vet who had been involved with issues with the VA hospital, and wanted people to know how shameful that situation is. I feel for him, but there are appropriate places for this -- and today on stage wasn't one of them! Jeff had to deal with the fallout after the ceremony, which was pretty miserable. Thankfully we had a really light crowd and no media, because it wasn't how we would pick to portray this important day...

I handed out a bunch of Memorial Day pins -- and beat the bushes (so to speak) to get people to go over for our FREE picnic lunch (hot dogs and potato salad).

Anyway, the weather was lovely!

Worked on the Starlight script in the morning. I think I'm DONE with the project (it goes to print in the morning!!!). One script down, one to go. My PA meeting to review the script with the readers is tomorrow afternoon. Hard to believe it's that time again!

Rich was kind today about the situation with another volunteer who has behaved in a questionable fashion. I've been trying to reason out WHY this guy (whom we call 'Stalker his-first-name') has been hanging around our OFFICE lately (!!!). It turns out that Rich okayed that, not aware of the guy's interaction with some of us (mainly ME). Anyway, he contacted the guy and made it clear that it's NOT okay to hang out at the office, as we're all pretty busy.

Here's the thing: This guy means well. He's kind of a sweet guy, really. And he has a tremendous skill that could be useful. I was hugging him yesterday, because he's kind of a teddy bear. But still! He wants to be like Mark and be around there all the time. And that's just not going to happen. It's far too disruptive. We have a VERY SMALL office and a lot of people crammed into that small space. And we have a TON OF WORK to get done. So...

Rich seemed much more engaged today. He's been pretty distracted recently...

We have a large news item to get done tomorrow -- the weekend piece. Rich and I worked that up together last week, so we'll do that tomorrow morning (hopefully). We'd planned to start it today, but it was just to busy to sit and write...

We ended our work day by going to the Float Barn for the annual gig. The floats weren't very far along, so there wasn't much to see this year. We took them souvenir programs, team pins and some postcards (these have the poster image on them) -- and they were pleased. They gave us hot dogs.

Marilyn and I were both yawning as we headed home. I went to bed almost immediately. I really needed a big nap. And my hip (my right hip) is really acting up -- plus my legs and feet are so sore. Little wonder, I guess, but we'll be doing more of the same for the next two weeks, so...

I'm literally forcing myself to blog tonight...

I did talk briefly with sister Sue today, at least. It's hard to keep in touch with anyone we don't work with right now.

If I'm forgetting anything, I can't think what it might be. Oh! I downloaded "From Russia With Love" (the James Bond book) recently (for my Kindle) and have been reading it. This was the fifth novel in Ian Fleming's James Bond series. It got good critical reviews back when it was released. I recall reading it as a kid and enjoying it (and again as a teen). It's been years since I picked up this book. Ian Fleming was really an amazing and detailed writer! Reading him would be good for any writer, I think.

Well, bed time! Good night, all.

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