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Guess Who Got Home From Work? Plus Our Dehumidifier (woo hoo)

Well, it rained like crazy this evening, during our concert down at the RoZone (in CityFair). I kept saying all day that it wasn't going to rain, but I was wrong. People were getting quite wet. COULD IT PLEASE NOT RAIN TOMORROW (OR FOR THE REST OF THE FESTIVAL RUN)??? PLEASE???

But Marilyn and I only got sprinkled on, because we'd done our stuff in the Park earlier, and were both at the office working on scripts.

GOOD NEWS!!! Marilyn got the first draft of the Coronation script done. Danielle got the first draft of the GFP script done. And I did my first Edit of the Starlight script! I made a hard copy (printed it out) and brought it him to review tonight (I see some red pens, so I'm good to go!), but I don't really expect to see much. I'm just really excited to be almost done with the first of the two scripts I edit each year...

We did got this morning and get our manicures done. But we didn't bother with pedicures (no TIME). We were so grown out! We really needed them done. So now we're ready to face this busy week -- plus to look good for the VIP Party. (We still need to go and buy something to wear, though. Not sure when, but one night this week... The them is Yellow Brick Road -- which people can use any way they want...) I don't know when I last mentioned it, but when your nails get really grown out, it's very hard to do things...

We had Yakisoba noodles today -- plus we got frozen goodies from an ice cream vendor. It's not really a festival until you've had festival food! Hahaha.

Marilyn and I set up the dehumidifier this morning before we left the house. We just opened it up now to see how it was doing and found a huge quantity of water inside! I swear we poured out a bucket full! Wow. We were stunned when we saw it! Good to know it's doing the job we got it for! (woo hoo) Glad we got it and got a good one. We obviously needed it.

Well, off to work on the script and put my feet up -- and have some cold soda to drink. Tomorrow is a very big day (Memorial Day), so hopefully we'll get to sleep at a decent hour tonight...

For those Americans here, have a good Memorial Day tomorrow. We have a wonderful Tribute Tree at CityFair, where people can write on yellow paper tributes to individuals or groups who have served in our military -- and then these are hung from the tree. It's very cool! I haven't done my own, yet. Marilyn did one for Dad, but I want to do my own. And do one for Dad's brother, too... And for Uncle Bob, who was in the Merchant Marines.

Sweet dreams!

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