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Long Day. Stupid Charlie.

St. Jude is on this because I've been praying to him a lot today. Sister Sue has lost her glasses. She believes in they're in the house somewhere, but she's looked and Candy has looked and they can't find them. This is bad, because she really can't afford to replace them...

I pray frequently to St. Jude. Often for little things, as well as bigger ones. He's very generous with me, I have to say. I love him very much.

List of things done today:

Mostly, I worked on the GF Walk eNewsletter. For hours and hours. Outlook is NOT easy to use for embedding HTML, in case you wondered. And I read about it at length this evening -- it doesn't render HTML well, period. And that includes Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013. Why, why, why??? (Marissa is amazing. She puts up with me and she never, ever looses her composure or sweet nature.)

News items for the website -- both new and re-worked. (Worked with Rich on this.)

Took Henry to the vet. His appointment took 90 minutes (!!!). Good news? I loved the vet (Jenny Mitchell). I mean, loved her enough to make her THE VET for our cats going forward. And Henry had gained weight (a very good thing), plus he was just wonderful during the visit! Also, Dr. Mitchell called to say his blood test had excellent results. Also, she gave us six months worth of pills all at once (and said they were cheaper that way). Bad news? This cost nearly $300. (Money is an issue right now, with our flood-related expenses.) And the time spent was difficult on a busy day. Henry showed some thyroid signs that we'll need to watch, but it wasn't serious. I need to try and get a urine sample at home (!!!), because they couldn't get one there (he was empty) -- how will that ever happen???

Sister Sue took me to get my pills and she and I had lunch together. Poor Sue is really suffering. Her legs are awful and she can barely catch her breath (plus her weight is up from water gain). On the good side, she won at her local cribbage last night and we got a chance to visit (hard to do this time of year).

I got the garbage and recycling done (I gathered the garbage and put it in the can, but it doesn't go until next week). Always great to get the cat boxes clean!

I did a load of dishes and of laundry. (Well, the dishes are finishing up right now -- and the laundry is drying. But still.)

I got a great email back from my friend Rob (he and his partner Jeff are just wonderful guys) -- in reply to the email I wrote him yesterday. I also phoned my friend Sandy and sang Happy Birthday on her answering machine (didn't actually reach her).

And I poisoned myself. Stupid, huh? When I was out working on the recycling, I saw a HUGE trail of ants near the house. I just couldn't face the idea of them coming into the house! So I grabbed the bottle of ant spray (Spectracide Bug Stop Home Barrier) and sprayed part of the trail and around the outside of the house. Something I've done dozens of times in my life (at least). It didn't even occur to me that I might be risking poisoning myself. I didn't get any spray on my hands or arms -- but suddenly I was coughing! I somehow inhaled some of the spray.

I came right in the house and scrubbed my face, hands and arms (just to be safe). I blew my nose (thinking I'd try and get it out that way) and I drank a bunch of water. But I didn't feel quite 'right,' so I called the local Poison Center for advice (which is what you're supposed to do). The active ingredient is Gamma Cyhalothrin, by the way. It wasn't easy to read the teeny, tiny print to find that out, either -- even with a magnifying glass. Good grief!

I spoke to Belinda (a nurse), who asked me several questions. She said I'd done all the right things. Then she asked if I had a humidifier (the last thing we need right now, as you guys know!) and I said 'no.' She asked if I had an inhaler -- same answer. So she had me go into the bathroom and run hot water to make a lot of steam that I could breathe. She took my name and number and said she'd call back in an hour. I did that and started to feel better. In fact, I just noticed that I'm feeling even better, now.

Belinda called back and chatted with me. She was really kind, warm and didn't scold me or act too serious. Perfect, in other words. She told me what symptoms to look for and said I could call her back if I needed to, she was on the phone until 1:00 a.m.

She felt my reaction was really mild, I'm happy to say -- and that I didn't need to see a doctor or go to the hospital, thankfully! I don't think I got it on my clothes, but I washed them (just to be safe). Even so, it generally takes six days to completely rid your body of the effects of the poison. I'm certainly glad my exposure was a mild one. Great timing, huh? (Not like I don't have a ton of things to do in the next several days.)

I feel REALLY STUPID about this. I look back and still can't figure out how it happened. Belinda was convinced that the wind probably picked up and blew some spray back at me (I guess this happens a lot, from what she said). I mean, I was OUTSIDE, so I wasn't thinking about fumes at all. I never, ever use poisons in the house. One of the reasons I like our mold spray, by the way.

Oh, speaking of, I should have told everybody the name of the product: Concrobium Mold Control. If you google it, you should find good reviews, like I did.

Well, Marilyn still isn't home from work, and it's 10:30 p.m. She had a crazy-busy day, plus judging tonight. And now she's down at the Park helping with setup there (where Sue B. has been all day long). I'm sure she must be exhausted.

I'm dreading telling her about poisoning myself. I worry her enough as it is with all my health issues. Wow, how dumb can you be?

This is a hard year. No, I'm not saying we have things bad -- or our lives are worse than other people. It's just hard.

But the festival starts tomorrow. And we're only weeks away from it being over. Now it's just a matter of getting through each day as it happens.

Good thoughts and prayers are really, really appreciated!

I wish Marilyn would get home. We need to get to bed to face tomorrow...

Pleasant dreams, you guys! I pray that all of you will have a good night and many good days to come. (hugs)

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