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Our House is Flooding

We had a ton of rain today. (We had 1.2 inches of rain in the last 26 hours.)

Our house is flooding.

This is living space -- Marilyn's bedroom (and a closet). Her bedroom is carpeted floor.

Marilyn and I dashed to Walmart to spend money we didn't have to buy cheap towels to put down on the carpet to soak up the water. The clothes dryer is running to dry out towels we've alredy used as I type this. Marilyn is in her bedroom walking barefoot on the towels to help them soak up the wet.

I phoned and was able to reach Hector (our yard guy), who came right over to check the gutters. They were awful, the main thing being pink dogwood blossoms (if you can imagine that).

Here's the sad thing: If we'd had him check the gutters this past week, it's likely we wouldn't have flooded. I blame myself, as this is my job to manage. And it's Marilyn doing most of the work. A shame. Marilyn hasn't felt well today -- we even skipped attending the Half Marathon and 10K this morning so we could both sleep.

We were just getting ready to have dinner when we discovered the flooding, so that went by the wayside. I was feeling hungry before, but I don't feel like eating now. (sigh)

I'm supposed to be at work tomorrow for SEVERAL reasons. Sim is starting (a new intern), and I'm supposed to train her. I was going to show Tiffany how to use Google Chrome Remote Desktop. I was supposed to meet with Ashley and Marisa (and others?) about an eBlast for the GF Walk. Donn's coming in, and he and I had IT stuff to do.

Gotta love Donn! He took flat screen monitors we got donated from Todd (our President) and traded them for a couple computers, plus some mice! Just what we needed. Anyway, we have two computers to set up now.

But I need to stay HOME. We need to run both heaters and fans to dry out the carpet, and we can't let those go alone while we're gone from the house (!!!). I'll just have to do things Tuesday...

But Donn will still need to be in, without me. He's bringing Tanya's computer back (he had it in his shop over the weekend), and those two machines he just got. I need to have him set them up and start adding software and so on to them. And I want Sim's profile put on one, too. But I'll also need him on Tuesday. So much to do.

We're getting another person in, too. We need some help for the Sales department. We've talked about Christie's cousin, but if that doesn't work out we'll get someone. We really need the help.

But it's hard to think about right now. We need to focus on OUR HOUSE.

And we just decided we MUST have some dinner (we've only had one meal today).

Hey, timing is everything. This will be a busy, hard week.

Unfortunately, there's supposed to be MORE RAIN tomorrow. Damn rain.

I might ask my friend June if I can dry some of our towels at her house tomorrow...

(Tried to phone sister Sue at one point, but couldn't reach her. Don't know if she's home from her cribbage tournament, though. There's really nothing she can do, anyway. Just wanted to chat with her. Sometimes it's just hearing somebody talk. Yeah, I almost called June, too -- same reason. Just hearing a warm voice... Anyway, taking towels to Sue's probably doesn't make sense...)

Well, I'm off to make some dinner.

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