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Ballots in Pen?

I was reading the Voters' Pamphlet today and beginning to mark my ballot (for the Oregon Primary Election - May 20, 2014).

I was surprised to read the following:
Instructions to Voter
Use A Pen (Blue or Black Ink)

Since WHEN can we not use a #2 pencil to mark our ballots?

I went online to try and find an answer, but kept seeing: You may use pen or pencil.

This must be new. I don't recall any time in the past when we were required to use pen, rather than pencil. I've frequently had to erase a vote over the years -- and I certainly wouldn't have been able to do that if I'd voted in pen.

I know there have been issues over the years with ballot tampering, of course. I guess pen might end that. Maybe.

I was surprised how much more difficult it is to fill in that damn oval with ink as opposed to pencil! It actually takes longer to mark your ballot.

Well, I guess we'll get used to it. But I can't help wondering if most people will even notice that requirement! I haven't heard about it on the news or anything. Surely it won't invalidate a ballot if it's marked in pencil -- or will it?

As I said, I can't find the answer online, so it's hard to know. Anyway, Marilyn and I will be following the rules. There's no point in voting at all if any rule or regulation might throw the whole thing out!

And we're both pretty serious about voting. We feel it's an important responsibility -- and honor -- to be able to cast a vote. It's difficult for us to understand how people can NOT vote.

Speaking of, I got a phone call today that was extremely slick -- supporting a measure that is opposed by a ton of people and organizations that can be trusted. I'm almost always suspicious when it's obvious that a large quantity of MONEY is being thrown around to influence voters! And that's clearly what this phone call was. Normally I'd hang up on an electronic call, but I listened to this one. It's sometimes good to know what people like this are up to, after all. Wow, I hope crap like this won't confuse uninformed voters!

Goodnight all!

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