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Very Busy and LONG Day...

I'm ready to RELAX and eat -- so I don't know how much I'll manage to share here...

Marilyn and I just walked in the door (it's 11:30 p.m.). We were up around 5:30 a.m. so Marilyn could wash her hair. I think we got another hour of sleep (at least, I did), before we had to get up this morning. And I went to bed around 1:30-ish (as I recall). So, yeah, I'm really, really tired right now...

So soon we'll be eating our olives (we stopped at Safeway to buy them) with some of that amazing Dave's Killer Bread. Yummy! Can't wait! And hopefully watching "Jeopardy."

We went to Spirit Mountain today to see their museum that they're starting. Fascinating! I always love going there and seeing members of the tribes. (Marilyn and I get slightly special treatment, because we're seen as 'family' there, being part Indian. And Chinook is one of their tribes, so...)

It's a long drive to and from, anyway (around 90 minutes or so). And we still had a lot to do when we got back. (Obviously, or we wouldn't have been at the office so late.)

Donn was in today. I saw him briefly before we left -- then we communicated during the trip and after, too. He'll also be in tomorrow...

I'm training (well, re-training) a 'new' employee tomorrow. Actually, Megan, who was a seasonal employee last year. So it shouldn't take all that long. The hard part was getting her set up on a certain computer (Donn set it up -- and I did the Profile). That's done -- and her phone is set up. So we're pretty much good to go!

Mike quit today. No, I'm not prepared to go into the details right now. But Marilyn went out of her way to keep him on when several people wanted him GONE before, so I'm a little disappointed in him. Still, we both like him and would actually like to remain friendly with him. I don't know if that can happen or not.

Henry (our cat) is sitting beside me howling like crazy! He missed me today and wants attention RIGHT NOW!

I also started setting up Sim (she's a former Princess) who will be a new intern starting on Monday (which is when I'll train her). We also might get another person -- and maybe two more. We NEED THE HELP, so I'm not complaining about the extra work for me.

On that note, I hope to head to bed fairly soon (if I can unwind enough to sleep). So I'm off to eat! Good night!

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