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Work. And Housework. (grin)

I did have festival work that needed to be done today, which happily went well. (Okay, I needed to address the phone situation. And while I did text Kris, I didn't follow up on it. Oh well. Tomorrow, I guess... sigh...)

I was actually excited about the News item for today. Plus heard from Marilyn that we got some good news this evening that will soon be another exciting News item. (grin)

Today it was about the Grand Marshal for the Junior Parade...

Sister Sue took me shopping this morning. I mainly wanted to get apples (which I hadn't gotten last night). I need to eat an apple EVERY SINGLE MORNING with one of my medicines, so I need to have a lot of them around. (smile) But I also got more hominy and refried beans (we live on both). So while I didn't need that much, it was good to get what I did need! (Thanks, Sue!) And we had Starbucks (thanks, again, Sue!) and got to chat.

We did do a LOT of shopping last night when we went to Walmart. So excited about the Ball Park burgers! We had them for dinner last night and tonight. They're really easy, because you cook them in the microwave and they take no time at all (they're pre-cooked). And they're so yummy! We had them again for dinner tonight, too. I have a hunch we'll be dashing back for MORE of these soon! We forgot to get blue (the meds we take for allergies and colds), so we need to return fairly soon, I'm afraid...

Well, aside from shopping with sister Sue and doing festival work, I spent much of the day CLEANING HOUSE. Marilyn had remarked on how bad things were, so I figured I'd better fix that while I still have the time! I picked up in the living room and kitchen and my bathroom, plus the office. Nothing big, buy it makes things nicer. Then I spent hours on the stairs, landing and family room. Plus I did bed linens and changed the beds, so I also did some laundry. I loaded the dishwasher, but haven't done the dishes, yet...

I also made Marilyn more candied jalapenos. This time I took a jar of 'tamed' (not sure what that means) jalapenos and used sweet pickle juice that I tweak with other ingredients and boil, then simmer. She misses the ones she was buying at Kruger's Farm Market down on Sauvie Island, so I've been trying various easy ways of making a substitute for her. They weren't very tamed, if that's supposed to mean milder heat. But I found info online on ways to make them less 'hot' -- using sugar and alcohol -- that seemed to help, at least a bit. She seems pleased by the results, anyway!

I also colored the roots of my hair, which really needed it! We're heading all the way to Spirit Mountain Casino tomorrow (it's quite a long drive). SMC is a major sponsor. I'm going along to take some photographs we need.

Donn will be in tomorrow to do the setup for CityFair -- we are 'taking the park' now (which means part of the Staff is going onsite in Waterfront Park, where we have our annual CityFair. When he finishes with that he's setting up a computer for me, so I can do the Profile on Thursday morning. Megan (who was a seasonal last year) will be starting Thursday. I'll train her in the afternoon. I guess it's more like re-training, considering she's been with us before. She'll be sitting in Erin's now-vacant space (over in the sales area of the office).

Anyway, I'm facing two very busy days at work, so I'm anxious to get some SLEEP now. I'm really tired from all I did today, that's for sure...

Oh! Sister Sue took home her Samsung tablet today!!! How exciting! I also spent time on the phone with Google support, trying to find out HOW you can change a credit card for their store. When I set up Sue's Google account for her tablet -- in order to buy Apps -- I used my own VISA, but now I need to change it to her credit card number. You'd think that would be simple, wouldn't you??? Hahaha. Um, not quite... I'm excited for her to have -- and use -- her tablet. Heaven knows Marilyn and I have ended up really enjoying our iPads.

And finally, we're so enjoying "Jeopardy"! It was really good both last night and tonight.


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