CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Small Update...

I managed to remember to offer friend Brian brn_gamble a Happy Birthday! That's a big deal. I'm so very bad about doing that! (damn)

I also did a (lengthy and detailed) tutorial on how to delete custom brushes for psp9_fun -- something I've been planning to do forever. (sigh) About time I got it done! (I wonder if this is precisely the same for PSP8, or not? I can't remember. I don't use version 8 very often anymore...)

No, I didn't get my animated snow tutorial done (yet). I'd better get to it soon! (smile)

We're watching Christmas shows on TV. It's so damn cold here! And now they're talking freezing rain for Monday! Awful. Hate going there again. But we'll be okay! It's amazing what you can face with a smile when there's really no alternative. (And why let things drag you down?)

Better dash for now.

Tags: birthday-greetings, freezing-rain

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