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Crazy Day - Personnel Change

First thing this morning one of our Staff members was fired. This was originally supposed to happen last Friday, but she went home sick before there was time for this to happen. So those few of us who knew it was happening had this hanging over our heads all weekend (and of course I couldn't blog about it). Any time we have a personnel change it's difficult. I really can't go into it, but this had to happen for very good reasons. Sometimes things don't work out...

I'm always involved for several reasons. First, as IT Manager, it's my job to carry out our computer policies. I sit with the person while they get things off their computer. Plus I help them pack up their things and try to help them cope during a difficult time. Besides managing computers, I also set up work spaces, so all of this makes sense. Yes, I've done this many, many times, but it's always difficult. We try to be considerate and very human about this. Yes, it's hard for whomever is being let go -- but it's also hard on the entire Staff. And it's not an easy thing for those directly involved.

After she left (I walked her toward her car, carrying her box of belongings), I took several Staff people to Starbucks (Marilyn paid, of course). It was quite emotional for several people, and I was doing a lot of hugging and comforting...

Anyway, that's a hard start to another busy week, but it's okay. It had to be done.

Marilyn and I got away from work just past 9:00. Then we stopped home just long enough to make a shopping list. Then we forced ourselves to head to Walmart. We didn't get home until 11:30. Then we fixed dinner and ate, while watching "Jeopardy." Ken Jennings won and we were glad.

We're heading to bed soon. More tomorrow!

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