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The Season Finale of "Revenge"


Okay, if you don't know, yet -- and don't want to know -- then QUIT READING right now!!!

(No bitching, please. You have been warned!)






Marilyn had this figured out in advance, believe it or not. She's brilliant.

They KILLED Conrad Grayson on the show tonight.

Okay, he was stabbed in the gut with a knife and left bleeding on the ground -- so I suppose there's an outside chance he might survive. (But I doubt it...) I'm disgusted about this death. Conrad is by far my favorite character on the show. It's a terrible loss.

There's no doubt at all that they killed Aiden. And it was a bad, nasty death. Sorry he couldn't have had a courageous death, at least. (sigh)

Daniel? Alive, but he's been set up for murder. (You might want to get control of your drinking, Danny...)

Oh, and David Clarke (who???) killed Conrad. Seriously??? A favorite character killed by a nobody? Stupid.

Victoria? Emily has her locked away in an insane asylum.

Fandom hurts. TV producers really DO NOT care what fans want. We learned that years ago, watching Rudy Jordache die alone in an alley, lying in a gutter -- and he was the good guy!

Oh, yeah: "Revenge" will be back for another season... Really?

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