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Marilyn is Amazing!

Yeah, a lot happened today -- but I'm not going to mention any of it right now. Let's just say it was a long and very busy day. Very long. Very busy.

But Marilyn is STILL AT WORK. She's in that building down in Waterfront Park ALONE. It's probably not safe for anyone late at night and especially for a woman all alone. I'm freaked, but there's nothing I can do...

She told me around 11:25 p.m. that she was heading home. I just spoke to her and she was doing some 'historical research.' So who knows how long that might take?

She's AMAZING. I really, truly do NOT know how she does it. She had a killer day yesterday. Utterly exhausting. But she got up today and did it all over again -- and now it's nearing midnight and she's still working. And I already know she has a killer day tomorrow, too. Plus another one on Saturday...

People probably think my admiration comes entirely from the bias that she's my sister. But really??? Do you have to be related to her to recognize how incredible she is? I personally think not. Of course, I get to hear others singing her praises quite often, so I know there are many who feel the same way I do.

I love for her to get home and have some dinner (she's barely eaten all day long). And get some sleep before starting another grueling day.

I pray she can stop soon. And that she makes it home safely.

Well, I'm fixing dinner, so I'd better get back to it...

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