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Cleaning My Bedroom - MORE eNewsletter (sigh)

Do you guys like my new icon??? It's of my bedroom (here in Portland). Not that great, but oh well. I don't have that blanket on the bed right now -- it was the Centennial blanket and I was worried about it getting worn out (and messed up by the cats) being there. I think I'll hang it on a wall (maybe at the beach house). I love that blanket, that I helped design!

Speaking of icons, my extra ones that I pay for expired today! I was freaking out. I had to immediately go and take care of that, because I can't stand to lose a single icon. I don't use all of them, but I love every single one. (smile)

Oh! And in other internet-related news, one of our domains was SUSPENDED today (!!!). So I had to go and fix that. It turns out that Doteasy -- the hosting company we've used for more than a decade -- has changed their policy recently. They no longer offer free hosting. Anyway, turns out we've paid a large amount for the suspended domain (bigriverranch) the past two years. It was auto renewal, so not that easy to catch! We don't really use this domain, except as cyber storage of images (etc.). But right now we're using it for WORK, too -- so I had to phone them to get it back up and running right away! That's resolved, anyway. Everything is always more money. (sigh)

Marilyn picked me up after she got home around 9:30 p.m. from the office to go run an errand at Freddies. Crazy me -- I FORGOT (sigh) that we needed laundry detergent (!!!) while we were there. It's hard right now -- our brains are so 'busy' with work all the time...

We didn't find what she wanted for the Spring Board Meeting tomorrow, but we gave it a good, long try, anyway. And I got another bag of apples. (I need to eat one every morning with my one medication...)

So we finally got home (for real -- as Marilyn just pulled up outside before our Freddies run) at just past 10:00 p.m.

I'd already started dinner before that, so I got in and finished it up as quickly as I could. Then we ate and watched "Jeopardy," before she fell asleep (her Jello is sitting in front of her untouched).

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! More about that tomorrow night (if I'm not exhausted by then, that is).

I tried to rest part of the day. But I got all wrapped up in get a bunch of laundry done -- and in really picking up my bedroom, which has been a disaster recently. I wanted to be able to FIND clothes as I need them, because it will quickly turn ugly otherwise, as busy as we get. I got a lot done in there, I'm happy to report! And I've been 'discovering' a bunch of clothes (yesterday and today) that I hadn't worn recently. Yeah, they're OLD -- but when you don't wear something for many months, it almost seems new. Hahaha.

I spent a bunch of time -- yes, again -- on the (damn) eNewsletter today. It's a long, long story, but I had originally wanted to put the images for the eNewsletter in the same 'cyber storage' folder that we've been using since 2007. But Danielle had wanted all the images to be up via WordPress at our new website.

The problem? It's much more difficult to determine WHERE you put things. You can't just upload an image directly into a subfolder. I've no clue why that would be the case, but I haven't discovered a way around it. So annoying! You have to upload first, then go through this complicated process to 'file' the image into a subfolder (and I do mean complicated). So if you take the URL when you first upload something -- and then move the image -- guess what? Your image link will no longer work. Which is what happened to all that work I did yesterday with the templates I tweaked.

By the way, even after all the damn work I did today, the Sponsor logos still didn't display correctly! The thing is, code for these eBlast services (like Cooler Email) require very clean and very SIMPLE code. I just think our templates are too complicated to end up displaying correctly. So I suppose I'll need to mess around with that at some point. (sigh)

I'm really FED UP with all this time spent on the eNewsletter, to be honest. Again, I'm supposed to be done with my part with it! But clearly that's not happening any time soon... Whatever.

Well, I still need to wash my hair (!!!) before heading to bed, and it's late. So I guess I'll go do that.

Got word today that Mark K. -- who is a long-time Board Member and friend of Marilyn and me -- recently lost his best friend, Al. Al has been attending the parade for YEARS with Mark (who used to man our radios every single year until health forced him to quit the board). In fact, Al would take photos of GFP -- and one year I used them to make a slideshow that I shared on our website Home page. Al was in decent health and certainly didn't seem that old to me. I was shocked to hear he had passed. He was one of Mark's dearest and closest friends, so it's been quite a blow to him. Marilyn was on the phone with him when she picked me up. I was sobbing by the time they ended their call (it works via bluetooth in the car, and the conversation comes over the radio) -- even though Marilyn had told me before they talked, I just hadn't caught who she was speaking about. Al will be missed -- he was a good guy and he loved the parade! He and Mark always teased with me on parade day -- just what I needed. It clearly still hurts Mark that he had to quit the board -- he kept bringing it up over and over. Poor guy! I can't believe he outlived Al, considering Mark is the one with all the health problems. You just never know...

Speaking of money (we were earlier), I still love my subscription to "National Geographic" that Marilyn has been kind enough to purchase for me for years and years. I just love reading that magazine. As I was saying to her, I suppose it would make sense to let it go, considering the cost.

Gosh, sometimes life just seems so expensive!

Well, I need to dash!

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