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Happy, Happy!!! Thank You, St. Jude!

I couldn't believe it! I just found something I had searched and searched for -- and was ready to give up on! But Marilyn reminded me to pray to St. Jude (of course I'd done that, several times -- I always do when I lose anything, big or small). But it never hurts to pray again, after all!

Recently I tried to reorder my testing strips. The woman on the phone was REALLY kind, but made it clear I wasn't due to get these until mid-May. I ran out today. But she sent me a sample box to hold me over! This is no small thing, by the way. I once tried to buy a box at Freddies. 50 were right around $70!!! Isn't that horrible??? I ended up buying a smaller box, still appalled by the cost.

I just checked online and saw a variety of prices that were as much as $99 (!!!) for a box of 50, but ranged mostly between $70-$89. Good grief. When you need to test a lot, this is serious business. I'm covered by insurance to test ONE TIME a day, which tells you almost nothing, frankly. Even twice is helpful, but when you have lows, more are essential. More than a dollar for one strip. How do drug company people SLEEP at night?

Anyway, the lost box is found, just in time for testing tomorrow! I feel especially blessed. St. Jude is the most amazing and sweet-natured saint, ever.

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