CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

"Jeopardy" AND Tired Tonight

I'm tired tonight. The hardest part of having been sick this past week is getting my energy back! I have things to do, and I'm still such a wimp. It's frustrating.

Today I did do a load of dishes (plus some dishes by hand), three loads of laundry and picked up the kitchen a little bit. I had to do a bunch of VERY complicated tweaking of the five eNewsletter templates that took a couple of hours. Working with someone else's code is a big pain in the butt! Plus we were missing a transparent .png image for one sponsor, so I had to create my own (!!!), which is no small thing, frankly. I was working with .jpg images with solid white backgrounds, and making a colored logo into a solid whit logo. Tons of work.

The code I had to re-work? Very odd stuff. It took some odd math and multiple tries to get a decent working end product. Then one staff person wrote: Thanks for all your hard work ladies! (An email sent to both Marissa and me.) I have no comment to that, and doubt I'll be able to reply. Just not sure what to say. (And it's not like I don't believe in giving credit to people around me who have earned -- seriously...) Yeah, yeah. I know I keep saying that I'm done with the eNewsletter -- and I really meant it last week. But what can I do? Nobody else with the festival knows how to do this work. I really don't think it's FAIR to go back to FISH (our website company -- and a long-time partner for marketing, etc.) and ask for additional eNews template tweaks (considering they did this project pro bono in the first place!!!). Yes, last week I ended up feeling annoyed about a coding issue. And I'm very ready to let go of this. But could I really say "no" when somebody like sweet Marissa comes to me for help? Well, with any luck, this will be the last thing they'll need from me. (But even as I type this, I pretty well know it won't be...)

Anyway, I also did the News item for the results of the Sing-Off (from Saturday) -- I couldn't do this before today, because I was waiting on the full, written info. Rich sent the Press Release out today, too. Danielle said she has photos that her Dad took, so I might edit and add one or two tomorrow...

Marissa is apparently sending out an extra 'special' eNews edition tomorrow, just to pimp out GFP tickets for Mother's Day. We used to call these eBulletins (as opposed to eNewsltters) -- smaller versions. From what she told me, the 'real deal' eNewsletter will be going out on Thursday. So, two in one week, huh? Interesting... Not that we didn't do this in the past, of course. I'm REALLY out of the loop about Communications. I never make the meetings anymore. But I'm not sure I'm even needed on the Team now, so it doesn't matter. If I need to know, somebody will tell me.

Marilyn had to drive over to Sue B.'s house (!!!) after work to pick up some things for the Thelma candidates, so I had her come and get me so we could go together. It's a long drive, but a lovely one. And there was no rain. Plus it was late enough that there wasn't much traffic.

I fixed dinner when we got home and we split a Chelada. Then we watched Friday's "Jeopardy." And we watched the first night of "Jeopardy" -- Battle of the Decades that started tonight. Exciting!

We had sugar free Jello pudding as a treat. Oh! And we had a slice of toast each after dinner. We're in LOVE with Dave's Killer Bread -- especially the rye (when we can find it). It's bread so good that it's better than eating cake. No, I'm not kidding!

I did finish my book "Inn Keeping With Murder," by Lynn Bohart. I will absolutely read more of her work. And there's a lot to be said about a book that features older characters -- and doesn't make them too old acting (!!!) in the process. Most of the characters were wonderful! (Yes, it had some things I didn't like, but overall I was very pleased.)

Still playing the "Mystery Case Files: Fates Carnival." I really do NOT like this game, to be clear. The last game was great (I've re-played it many times). But this one, not so much. I finished it, but I still haven't finished the bonus game. I find it pretty boring...

I was WRONG yesterday about our Spring Board Meeting! It's on Wednesday, too (like City Hall). What a BIG, busy day! Wow!

Off to bed (and about time, I guess)...

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