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Better? A Little Bit, At Least...

I don't know that I'm all that much better, but at least I'm CLEAN. Hahaha. My hair was so dirty and sweaty from being sick. But I didn't want to just wash it -- I wanted to color it. (As those of you who do color you hair know, color takes better on dirty hair, for whatever reason. So you never wash your hair right before coloring...) Anyway, I forced myself to color my hair -- which isn't an easy thing to do when you're feeling healthy, much less when you're feeling punk. But, again, I forced myself. (Frankly, I couldn't stand it not having clean hair...) Unfortunately (sigh), this color was NOT as dark as I'd hoped it would be. So I pretty much need to color it all over again. So I'll try getting something DARKER and doing that soon. In the meantime, I have CLEAN hair, which feels great.

What I didn't manage to force myself to do was to WASH AND DRY CLOTHES today. I really, really need to get some laundry done! But maybe tomorrow...

I finished one book and started another. What do I like about this new book so far? It's about women who are older (60's and 70's) -- but who aren't treated as if they're ancient! I know so many women in this age group who are so youthful, vital and involved! They're doing the same things that women 10, 20 and 30 years younger are doing -- and they do NOT think of themselves as 'old.' So it's exciting to read a book where such women behave the way I've found women of those ages behaving. Too many books treat all women over 50 as OLD and not worth focusing on. (But the times, they are a changin'...)

Too tired to write more tonight. I did do several work-related things today, including some IT and a News item for the festival website (which I later edited to add 'fancy' elements -- this girl can still code, folks). And I did reach Kris -- he's supposed to fix the WiFi tomorrow. But he said that LAST weekend, too, so I guess we'll see...

Marilyn got home pretty late -- but early enough for us to dash and get Mexican takeout. They were DEAD there tonight (!!!), which almost NEVER happens! Must have been the Blazer game impacting them.

Wow. Just had to run in and take out my contacts. They were so dry they were killing me. My eyes have been messed up while I've been sick. (I rarely wear contacts when I'm sick, for the record...)

I'm so annoyed by what LJ did with 'Mood.' For years we could write in our OWN mood -- and use it with an existing one. But they did away with that (not sure WHY). It's such a pain, as the original set are terribly limiting... (sigh)

Well, that's it for today!


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