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Sick. Feeling Crummy...

I've been fighting some bug (or bugs) for ages now. Mostly I felt okay. But as of yesterday, I feel lousy. I can't tell if it's just a cold, or if I've got a sinus infection...

Sue's going to a cribbage tournament this weekend, meaning she leaves on Friday. So I guess I should have tried to get in to see somebody tomorrow, so she could take me. (There's no way that Marilyn has time.) Well, maybe I'll get better without seeing my nurse practitioner -- or I can hope, anyway.

I did go out for errands with with sister Sue -- to get more prescriptions that were ready and then to do some grocery shopping. Funny thing! Marilyn had been running errands and was picking up her meds just as I was leaving with mine! So we saw each other in the parking lot.

Marilyn looked GREAT today -- wearing her very cute dress and boots. And her hair looked fabulous, as always. She had some meetings and I'm sure she made a great impression.

I did do some work from home. But not that much. I just didn't feel up to it.

In fact, I got hair color, but just couldn't get myself to face doing the color.

It was quite hot today. It made 82°, believe it or not. And tomorrow is supposed to be higher. So I did have the air on, so we wouldn't be miserable in the house. All the windows (a good thing!) do make it pretty hot in here. I'm NOT complaining, mind you. We love both warm and hot weather -- and certainly want it to stay warm and DRY for as long as possible (and all during the festival!!!).

I've been reading my book, "God's Lions - The Secret Chapel" (by John Lyman) today. I'm still really enjoying it, even though there was a sad turn in what I read this afternoon...

I felt bad enough today to fall asleep sitting up at one point. (sigh) I wish I'd get over whatever this is. It's hard to work (or do anything much) when you don't feel well.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're using Internet Explorer, please stop. If you haven't heard about the Internet Explorer bug, you can read more HERE. There's no fix in sight yet, so do the smart thing and move to Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. By the way, just because IE came with your computer, that's not a good reason to use it. It's always had security issues (for as long as I can remember). I can't remember ever using it in the last ten years (or longer)...

Well, on that note, I'm off to bed.

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