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Same Old IT Stuff... (sigh)

Some days it's just a case of 'different day, same crap' -- you know? Especially when it comes to IT!

I just came upstairs from the family room so I could turn ON the air (it's very hot in our house -- 80°). And to blog.

But I made the mistake of checking my email. And there's almost always some sort of IT thing to address when I do that. Hahaha. Again, different day...

This time Erin was writing to tell me she didn't have access to some of the Server drives. The most amusing part of that is that she doesn't NEED access to most of the drives she listed. There are three drives that our average Staff person uses: J: (data), M: (media) and R: (database). Only a few people actually use R:, but Erin is one of these. But the I:, K:, L: and Q: drives? Um... NO. She doesn't need those. And in some cases, she's restricted from using various drives. (Most Staff members are.)

So I Remoted in to her computer. I ran the batch file and could easily 'see' all the drives (even though I knew some weren't available for her use, regardless).

What happened? She forgot something I teach each person during their computer training: They MUST allow the batch file to run -- and not close it out. Every single time you reboot (restart) your machine -- whether it's a full boot or warm boot -- this batch file needs to run. This also tells me that she's clearly not rebooting often enough (but that's another story).

She's certainly NOT the only person who has closed the batch file while it was trying to run. Lots of people have done it. And Rich used to do it constantly. Since the new Server, this must run to keep computers from looking for the old Server -- and point them to the 'new' one. (Okay, it's not really new anymore, but regardless.)

I guess I need to make a point to everyone about this (again), so there's no future issues. Of course, it's no big deal for me to 'fix' this particular problem. Hell, they should all be so easy! Hahaha.

Marilyn came home early today -- she really hasn't been feeling well lately. She's been so tired. And running a fever. Obviously fighting a small bug. She slept, which is good for her. But I don't think she's feeling all that much better tonight... I just checked her calendar at work. She's got several things tomorrow, but I'm really not sure she needs to be at all of them. There's only one thing that looks like she has to be there -- and it's in the late afternoon. I guess we'll see how it goes. (Knowing her, she'll go in no matter how she feels.)

In other news, I'm reading the book "God's Lions - The Secret Chapel" (by John Lyman) -- and enjoying it immensely! There's something of Dan Brown here (and you all know I love Dan Brown). Better still, the protagonist is a priest (something I also enjoy -- loving Father Leo). They're making it into a movie (sigh). Hope I end up liking it...

That's it for today. Hope the house cools down soon!

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