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Training -- Linn.

New staff person (seasonal) joined us today -- so I was training Linn (that's a he, for the record). Linn seems like a nice guy -- and he also appears to have a decent amount of experience (and training with the necessary softwares). So I think he'll be a good (late) addition to our Team.

Training actually went smoothly, with only one interruption. (No matter what, I'm almost always interrupted now. I guess it's good to be needed, but it can be a bother when you're in the middle of something as important as training new personnel... Oh well.)

Marilyn and I got home at a really REASONABLE hour, believe it or not! Pretty refreshing! That rarely ever happens this time of year. (And she can use all the rest she can get!!!)

Oh! Mark was at the office today. He gave me a replacement cable for my external harddrive -- which makes me so HAPPY I hardly know what to say!!! What a kind thing for him to do! He's such a good friend (buddy, I guess). It makes me happy just to have him around.

Sister Sue brought over spaghetti pie from Candy, which is what I ate for dinner. So nice of them! Nice of Candy to make it and Sue to bring it.

Planning to head to bed at a decent hour. This will be a very busy week.

We're expecting some HIGH temperatures, believe it or not! This morning it was so cold we had to turn up the heat, but we're supposed to be in the 80's this week. Wow! Isn't that how it always goes in Portland? We jump from cold to hot, with no real transition time...

But you won't hear me complain about HEAT. We really need the good weather, after all!

Cinco was starting to set up in the park today. I sure hope they don't tear things up before we can 'take the park' for the festival (as they frequently do).

REALLY BUSY WEEK coming up next week!!!

Good night!

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