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Home From the Beach House

We stayed for quite a while at the beach house today. We didn't leave until 6:00, getting home around 8:30 p.m.

We were playing our iPad game today (Mystery Trackers - Raincliff) -- very fun! And tonight we just played Escape Rosecliff Island (the game we've been playing for years -- first on the computer, and now on our iPads). The HD graphics on these games are AMAZING!

Today I finished reading "The Velvet Room" -- it's a YA novel written by Zilpha Keatley Snyder. This author has won the Newbery Award THREE times! Marilyn was the one who 'found' this book when we were kids and first read it, encouraging me to read it. Marilyn recently had me download the Kindle version of the book. It had been years since I last read it. What an amazing writer Zipha is. I'd really like to read more of her work. She's now 86 (soon to be 87), living in California -- and still writing, mind you! The above link is to her personal website.

Watched "Revenge" tonight (which continues to be outrageous, but entertaining).

The cats were clearly upset with us -- they don't like being home alone! But they don't like it when we go to work all day, either. And sometimes they don't like it even when I'm HERE at home, but busy working (and not giving them enough attention). So I think they'll live.

I need to work on Linn's Profile, which I didn't get done, yet. Of course, I'm ready to head to bed, so maybe I won't finish until tomorrow morning, at the office...

We had a lovely mini-vacation, heading down Saturday and back today. My did it POUR down rain last night! What a storm!!!

I forgot to mention yesterday (though I did go back and edit it in): When we were at Starbucks, Marilyn and I got to use their NEW Google internet connection. It was FAST for Marilyn, but I couldn't connect to Instagram (that could have been Instagram, though). Our friend Mark is involved with Google internet -- I need to ask him more about it. He just mentioned it to me last week.

Training tomorrow! I hope I do a good job...

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