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Blessing of the Festival - Rain at the Beach

We were really STUCK in traffic driving to the Blessing of the Festival -- some terrible traffic. But we made it in time, thankfully. The service started a bit late, or we'd have been sunk...

Anyway, we were there for the Blessing. We've rarely missed it over the years.

We stopped at the office, where I discovered that my 'work notebook' was not. Meaning it was in my briefcase -- the one left behind at the beach house last time we were there (!!!). No worries, as we were headed there as soon as we could get home and get packed up.

Yes, we left the cats home again this time. We won't be gone that long -- just over night and part of Sunday. We need to get back tomorrow. And we might need to work in the office when we get back, too...

I've only partly done the new Profile for Linn who starts on Monday. So unless I get it done via Remote tomorrow, I'll need to be in the office finishing it up.

The drive to the beach was a lot less stressful than the one to the Blessing, that's for sure! In spite of nasty weather. Sister Sue decided not to go along, after visiting her friend. She was too depressed and felt she'd be bad company. We were sorry she couldn't join us, but understood why. No worries -- she can come down with us after the festival is over...

We stopped for Starbucks on the way here. ETA (edited to add): Forgot to mention! Starbucks is now using Google internet! Marilyn was pleased -- it was really FAST for her. But I had trouble with Instagram and gave up. INTERESTING NOTE: Last week Mark told me he's involved with installing Google internet! I'm excited to know more about it...

It rained much of the time, getting heavier as we got closer to the ocean (no surprise). It was really pouring by the time we got to Astoria.

We did go out to Safeway to do a little shopping. Wow, was it coming down then!!! We were drenched going in and out of the store!

But the weather doesn't matter. We're quite cozy! It's warm and we have the fire going and have been watching TV. We had a light dinner and coffee after.

Marilyn is snoozing on the sofa downstairs, while I type this in my bedroom. I was going to use the computer in the office area, but I stupidly allowed AVG to do some kind of update -- and it wouldn't let me open a browser! It had been running for half an hour non-stop, so I just gave up and came in here. Thankfully we have the two desktop computers here, so it doesn't really matter...

We'll probably just make breakfast here at home tomorrow, rather than go out. We have bacon and hominy, so what more do we need? (smile)

The rain actually sounds wonderful here. I don't mind the stormy weather at all, as long as we're comfy here in the house. (No worries ever about flooding here.)

This will be our last chance to be here before the festival ends (in two months). I'm glad we could make it!

Found my briefcase exactly where I expected it to be, by the way. Full of stuff I really DO need for work! (Plus some personal things, like prayer books and so on.) I'll be glad to have it with me again, that's for sure! I need to be more careful NOT to leave things behind.

Speaking of, I forgot my glasses at home. Figures. When I take my contacts out, I'm pretty blind without my glasses...

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