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Light Bulbs. Really???

Is it wrong to be a fan of incandescent light bulbs? I mean, they've been around since the beginning of electric light. And nobody had to be a genius to reason out what the various numbers meant.

I don't remember ever buying a 60 watt bulb and not being able to fit it inside any given standard light socket or lamp. But these days it's COMMON to buy a light bulb and have it simply not FIT where you need it to go. Hey, I don't care how much power you're supposedly saving me or how long you'll supposedly last -- if you won't screw in where I need you and turn on when I need you on, then you're a worthless piece of crap. Period.

And the COST of these puppies? Um, not exactly reasonable! I wonder what a family on a tight budget does? Do they simply go without light after dark?

The package I just opened tells us the expected life of the bulb, based on 'normal' use -- which is claims is three hours a day. Seriously??? Who only uses light bulbs three hours a day? Clearly these aren't working people who have jobs that require a minimum eight hours a day (and let's not even go there for people like me who work many more hours).

Are they assuming we can get by during daylight hours WITHOUT using light bulbs? In what world? Hey, light bulb maker, you, too, will grow older one day and have worse eyesight -- requiring you to work and play with lots of lights turned on. And what about people in houses (or rooms) with few windows to bring in outside light?

What happened to standards, by the way? I'm not talking about 'life of bulb' or 'energy-saving' standards. I'm talking about EASY WAYS to know what you're getting in a given bulb. We used to have 60 watt, 75 watt and 100 watt -- plus three-way bulbs with 50-100-150 watts (etc.). All of this was clearly written on the box we bought and didn't require any math (or a lot of reasoning) when you were in a hurry and just needed a few light bulbs. Maybe incandescent weren't perfect, but I could buy one when I was dashing around grabbing stuff -- and easily find what I needed for my current needs.

I didn't mean to write this near epic. I'm just so frustrated by the new light bulbs out there. I don't want to go into hock to get a light bulb. And I hate getting home to discover the damn bulb won't fit in my lamp or socket (I'm terrible about ever returning an item).

Recently I smacked a low-hanging bulb (the old kind) with my head (hard) in our storage area under the stairs. I didn't shatter it, but I did destroy it, bending it badly. Thankfully I was able to unscrew it without any problems. So I grab the only bulb I can find in the house and replace it. No go! I push on the switch, but nothing happens. Now I'm worried I damaged the socket somehow... But I finally discover on the package that this is a 3-way bulb -- and it ONLY works in a three-way lamp, period. So when I put another bulb there, the socket works fine. Thank God!

Since when won't a three-way bulb work in any lamp? No, it won't be three-way, obviously, but they've always still worked... (sigh)

Will I be sitting in darkness one day, wishing for kerosene lamps or candles? I hope not! I love electricity! But I sure don't love these new bulbs. Which, by the way, don't seem to give off as much light as the old ones did (or is that just me?).

Technology can do so many things! Can't it make a 'better lightbulb'??? PLEASE????????

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