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Tired Today...

You know, I was sort of tired all day long today. The cats kept trying to get me to go back to bed (or to go lie down with them, anyway), but I managed not to nap at all. Barely! Hahaha.

I helped get the eNewsletter finished and sent. It should be interesting going forward. The goal is to get me OUT of the eNewsletter business (so to speak) -- and to have others take it over. But as of this afternoon I was once again (!!!) doing a redesign on the damn templates. Hard to believe, but true!

And I clearly waste my breath when I advise against certain types of coding. Well, it's time for them to reason it out, rather than ask me (especially if they don't want to listen to what I suggest). If the goal is to change certain standards, then they need to do it on their own. Yes, I get it that it's difficult to discern coding elements when you can't really read code -- which is why they should drop any ideas about special coding! Stick with clean TEXT and minor code elements that I've explained in great detail in my tutorials. There's no simple way for me to teach either HTML or CSS. And that was never the goal of these templates to begin with. Anyway, I congratulate Marissa on getting this done almost entirely on her own, with a little hand-holding on my part. Next time I need to be 'unavailable' and let her manage it alone -- which I'm sure she can do, by the way!

Marissa seems to understand all the basics about this, though she told me she doesn't really care for the design elements (by which I assume she means the various graphic aspects). The header banners for these couldn't be much more simple in nature. (Nothing like those I used to spend ages creating.) And the images are all 150 x 150 pixels square, allowing for little in the way of artistic fun.

Being me, I had to take the photo of the medallion and first straighten it, then re-do the background and sharpen the actual details (plus enhance the color a bit). And for the wine and beer image, I took the photo of the ale and cut around the bottle, then found a way to drop it into the photo of the three bottles of wine (extending the background behind it). I imagine if you don't like doing graphics that it sounds like a pain, but it's pretty basic stuff. (Marilyn could do all that with one hand tied behind her back! She's gotten to be AMAZING with graphics!)

I do need to keep my hand in coding, though -- it's funny how fast you forget basic elements! Suddenly I'm having to look up code that I used to have painted on the inside of my head (heh).

I was messing around a bit with the OLD website -- which is still Live and available for me to use for storage purposes. We can access various pages and elements for reference purposes, which is pretty handy (as so much of that didn't get moved to the new website).

So I started to Remotely set up the Profile for Linn, who starts on Monday. Can you believe I'm training yet another new person??? Kory (an intern) quit -- which means we had two interns quit this year! So now Marilyn hired a seasonal person via her favorite temp agency (where we got Hannah, our seasonal receptionist -- who is awesome). That means in place of the two missing interns who worked a variety of hours here and there and only certain days of the week, we'll now have a guy working eight hours a day, five days a week -- and getting on top of this stuff that hasn't been accomplished to date.

The intern program seems to have issues -- but Jeff doesn't want to let it go, because we have a sponsor who supports it. Admittedly we have some really good interns left. And I always like these young people who come in and add a lot to our staff. But it's not fun to waste time training and working with people who don't last more than a few days or weeks. Oh well.

Had to Remotely set up Linn's phone, too. Somewhere along the line Marissa's phone 'disappeared' in the system! So I had to go back in and add her, as well. How odd...

Fun moment: I created a small graphic 'secret door' at our 'how to' website for Christine and me. Hahaha. Clicking the image allows us to access the page for admins -- but unless you know it's there, you're unlikely to hover it and realize it's a link inside. She loved it -- and I love it, too. As she said, we're 'such geeks'!!! The idea of a secret door is great fun to us. I know I've done that before, years back, with websites Marilyn and I have had. And I recall a couple of my LJ friends doing it at their websites, too. (grin) Anyway, instead of needing to just remember the URL, now we've got a quick and easy way in, so it's time-saving...

Sister Sue and I went to pick up my meds today. Weird how I can't get all of them available at the same damn time. (sigh) But many of them were there. And we both had piles of stuff for the Goodwill -- I was taking it out in the POURING rain! I got caught in two drenching downpours today -- one had both rain and hail (brr). Little wonder I spent so much time sneezing today.

Then we went to Freddies, and I picked up kitty litter (garbage day) and a few groceries.

Got a load of dishes washed, picked up the kitchen and did the garbage and recycling...

Marilyn got home after 8:00 (I'm thinking 8:30-ish) -- surprise. I had cooked, but we ended up eating leftover tacos.

Anyway, I'm really tired and ready to sleep. I feel like I'm forgetting things. But I'm too tired to care! Hahaha.

There's an outside chance we'll take a day off this weekend. We have the Blessing of the Festival on Saturday, so it clearly won't be that day. I'm not holding my breath, because I wouldn't be surprised if we did work on Sunday. But Marilyn said she really needs a day off (no doubt!!!!!!), so who knows?

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