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Event Day: Art Unveiling

Today was busy -- and by just past 2:00 p.m. we were all off to go across town to our unveiling kickoff event.

Each year we have an event for our Sponsors and the media -- plus our Board this year -- where we unveil our art for that year. The event opened with our MC talking about bringing back an event that we haven't had for many years (our treasure hunt -- people search for a medallion using complicated clues).

We have an annual contest where the company who makes our official wine (Oak Knoll) has art students design the wine labels for that year -- these were unveiled and the artist was there. Then our official beer (ale) was unveiled by Rogue. Our official pin was also unveiled and the artist (our graphics guy, Kenny) was introduced. Plus SMC brought their official Pendleton Indian Blanket to present to our Board President (Todd) -- they wrapped it around him (very cool). And Marilyn actually spoke, telling the story of our official poster. It honors our very first Queen (who was elected 100 years ago) and celebrates 'Princess Power' (100 years of Courts) -- plus, as Marilyn put it, it honors all the amazing women who have been involved with the festival over the years.

This poster is FABULOUS. Marilyn had a concept and helped Kenny to achieve it. She wanted it to be a cross between a court princess and a super powered character: a princess meets Supergirl. It really turned out to be wonderful -- and we'll absolutely be getting it and having it framed to go in our house!

The princess in the poster is blonde and stands in a 'power pose,' with her hand on her hip. People are already comparing to Marilyn, and rightly so!

The event was held at the Winter home of Funtastic -- a big warehouse with pieces of carnival rides everywhere. A wonderful event venue! They had the balloon popping game set up on one side of the room, where people could play it and win stuffed animals (I won one!). There was wine and beer and some special vodka, plus catered food (quite good) -- and caramel apples (fancy ones). There was a good turnout in spite of the rain (!!!), and KPTV had a camera there taping the entire event (plus doing interviews). A successful event.

Our intern Mike was in charge, and very excited about it. He introduced me to his older boyfriend (I'd say finance, really) -- but I didn't meet the kids (who were also there). Which reminds me, Walk on the Wild Side -- which brings wild animals to CityFair each year -- had a baby tiger and a baby wallaby! Very cool.

Events are exhausting -- you work the room and have to be ON every second. Plus you're on your feet and it goes on for hours. We were both really tired when it got over.

We went back to the office so I could send out the Press Release about the event for Rich -- and put up the News item at the website.

Then we headed home so we could change (Marilyn out of her uniform, and me out of my nice clothes). Then we went to Mexican dinner (no alcohol for dinner, just soda). Now I'm ready to SLEEP. I'm really tired out...

I did a lot of other things today, but I'm too tired to go into it. But I want to mention that I was doing some coding, which was interesting! In this short amount of time I've forgotten some basic coding things! I had to look it up -- it wasn't just coming straight out of my head. Wow. (yikes) Good thing I don't need to code all the time right now, I guess! Of course, if I were coding, I wouldn't forget. Hahaha.

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