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Comedy of Errors...

Yikes, what a day (so far)!

You might remember me mentioning getting malware and/or a virus on my computer recently. Well, this morning my damn computer is running really, really slow. So I just enter the task manager and discover that I've got some stuff running that's clearly suspicious. I google one item and find out it's a nasty virus. I'm assuming I got it before (as referenced above). There really hasn't been any reason to get anything since then...

Anyway, I decided to run a full AVG scan. If you're NOT familiar with AVG Antivirus software, they have some of the very best free software available. Marilyn and I have used it for years and even had the paid version for several years on our desktop computers. It took HOURS to finish running (we have large dual hard drives, so that's little wonder) and found some stuff. But it did NOT find the item I was after. (sigh)

Let's just say that I put HOURS all day long into this, with a variety of softwares. I really might need to get Donn involved, though. (sigh)

So, afternoon rolls around, and I'm thinking about walking to my hair appointment. I want to give myself loads of time, and decide to phone to check on the time. (I can't find it written down, and didn't blog it.) I reach Dee and she tells me my appointment WAS (!!!) at 11:30! But she's willing to still give me the cut if I can get there in 15 minutes. No way can I walk there in that amount of time, so I just say so. She drives over part way to get me. So I'm now flying to get ready! My idea of giving myself plenty of time went right out the window.

I take along my big boat-bag, so I can go shopping after. No makeup (!!!), but I'm dressed okay. At my haircut, Kathy (Katherine), the Rose Society President comes in as Dee finishes with me, for her 2:00 appointment!!! Small world!

I go to McDonald's to eat a bite before shopping. Then I head to Freddies. No DAMN cat food -- the main thing I came for! Anyway, I shop and check out -- my bag is totally full (I can hardly get everything in it). I sure don't need a second bag to manage. I start walking home and I'm pouring sweat and worrying that the ice cream will melt. Happily I got some bus tickets at Freddies, so I wait and catch a bus. That gets me almost home (a few more blocks to go). I get home and I'm shaking and I test and I'm having a blood sugar LOW. My hair is as wet as if I'd just washed it. I'm dripping sweat all over. Crazy! I did take time to eat, so this wouldn't happen. Oh well.

Poor sister Sue (daughter Candy and granddaughter Nicole) today! They had a blowout on the way home from seeing Bob (I mentioned yesterday thay his cancer is back). They were on I-84 and it's lucky they weren't injured or killed! Happily they got home safely.

Both Bob and his wife Sue are not doing well. It's hard to say how long either one of them will be with us...

I considered going to the othe Freddies near us for the cat food. Cats gotta eat! But when I talked to Marilyn, she said not to. Kind of glad, as I was tired and it was raining.

Hurray for Marilyn! She stopped at the store on the way home from work and got cat food.

My hair is extremely curly -- like crazy, unattractive curly. (sigh) And it needs color. Oh well. I'm too tired tonight to care.

Leftovers for dinner (from Saturday). Yummy.

What a day.

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