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Happy Easter to those who celebrate!

Marilyn and I had breakfast at home. Then we went in to the office to work.

Clown Corps graduation was at 3:00 -- Angel did a great job! He has eight new clowns this year and they seem like a lovely group of women.

Back to the office to work again.

Phoned Shari to wish her Happy Easter and chatted until she needed to go. They were having ham for dinner.

Talked to sister Sue at one point at work. She was cleaning out her walk-in closet with her granddaughters. Our friend Bob P. has cancer back again and isn't doing well -- she's going to see him tomorrow. Poor man! (I need to figure out how I'm getting to my hair appointment in the afternoon, but it's not a big deal.)

Finally, we stopped for takeout Chinese (they were trying to close up and wouldn't serve in) to take home. Smelled so good! And really made a delicious Easter dinner.

Watched a bunch of "Jeopardy" and "Family Affair" on the DVR, then took a nap. We're headed to bed now...

Tags: 2014, april-2014, bob-p, cancer, chinese, clown-corps, dinner, easter, holy-week, marilyn, office, shari, sister-sue, tv, work

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